monopoly-not-recession-itsa-robbery  wonga

”Pay-Day Loan” adverts are proliferating on daytime TV like poisonous mushrooms. The latest addition I’ve noticed is a gang called ”Pounds to Pocket” who state :
”We believe you should be able to borrow the amount you need, and borrow it for the period that suits you”.
WOW !!! You don’t come across sincerity and benevolence like that every day….
There is even a six-month loan company, Lending Stream, boasting that their 3,378 per cent APR beats Wonga’s 4,214 per cent equivalent ! ….
These firms are obviously doing a roaring trade, and they, along with Estate Agents riding the latest Housing Bubble, and profiteering Energy cartels, together with falling wages, lead the way as engines of the incremental ”Growth” in the economy which allows government & their co-conspirators in the media to proclaim that Britain has ‘turned the corner’ and that there is a ‘recovery’ going on….

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