Britain’s latest Opium War

afghan war

”Of all the mendacious nonsense that pours out of politicians’ mouths, David Cameron’s claim that British combat troops will be coming home from Afghanistan with their “mission accomplished” is in a class all of its own.”  (Seumas Milne. The Guardian 18/12/2013)

The UK has spent £40 billion (over £1000 per taxpayer) and had 447 British soldiers killed making war in this most corrupt state. Tens of thousands of Afghani civilians have been killed.
For what ?
To alleviate the threat of terrorism in the UK ? To facilitate female education in that unhappy country ?

 …, no…..

In Afghanistan heroin costs about $2,000 a kilo. It costs $178,000 in the US and $60,000 in the UK.
As heroin moves across borders from Afghanistan to Europe and beyond its price increases in each jurisdiction it enters. Within each of these economies the illicit funds invariably have to be laundered. In terms of bank and domestic revenues the amounts in question are huge  – trade in heroin is bigger than that of crude oil.  More than half of these funds are laundered in the US alone, and the City of London is a close second.
The greatest crime the Taliban committed was to try to force up the price of heroin by freezing production. In effect this would have caused large Foreign Exchange movements from the OECD countries to Afghanistan, in a similar stratagem to that used by the OPEC states with oil in the 1970s.
This was reason enough for Britain to invade Afghanistan –  for the fourth time in 174 years.
It is no coincidence that the UK’s main sphere of operations has always been in Helmand Province, where most of the opium is grown.  Britain has form on this.  It fought two ”Opium Wars” with China between 1836 and 1860 to protect its trade.
Today the Taliban have learnt how to play ball and are unlikely to interfere in the global heroin market. In this sense, and to this extent only, is it ”mission accomplished’.
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‘How Opium Greed Is Keeping US Troops in Afghanistan


March 13th 2015 : The media coverage surrounding the service at St Paul’s Cathedral to commemorate the end of British combat operations in Afghanistan would have us believe that the billions of tax-payers money spent and the loss of 453 UK soldiers, (NOT to mention the tens of thousands of Afghani civilians killed), were ”sacrifices” (buzz-word) somehow justified and made worthwhile because a few Afghan girls started school and some roads were built, as if that was the point of the exercise… – How selfless and altruistic we British are … What noble sacrifices we make for others ! …

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