Austerity UK

‘Austerity’ is neither necessary nor temporary. It is ideological and, if Osborne and Cameron get their way, permanent.
Nor does the Labour Party offer any hope. In response to Osborne’s nauseatingly disingenuous speech the other day Ed Balls said… ‘Labour will have to make cuts and in 2015-16 there will be no more borrowing for day-to-day spending’. Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Work and Pensions Minister recently promised to be ‘tougher than the Tories’ on benefits. The voters will be given no choice : austerity is presented as a fact of life,  as unavoidable as the weather, – for all, that is, except the very wealthiest in society,  the bankers and the ‘financiers’ who continue to enrich themselves at the expense of all the rest.
Money is a perpetual imaginary debt slavery system.  International central banking is the root cause and engine of our economic problems. Debt Slavery is the totalitarian force to which all parties have surrendered. So long as a small group of people (see ‘Trillions of Debt’  below) are allowed to create money out of nothing and charge interest on it, they will continue to enslave the planet to their ownership whatever government is ‘in power’.
It is not the party of government that needs to change, but the profoundly iniquitous system itself.
Johann Hari’s article on ‘The Debt’ ( remains an excellent summary of the argument that austerity is NOT necessary, let alone desirable.

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