Mad Dog

Last night’s BBC4 Storyville documentary ”Mad Dog : Gaddafi’s Secret World” was the latest example of the demonization and misinformation fed to us by the media since Gaddafi led a bloodless revolution in Libya and transformed that country from an impoverished monarchist backwater into a citizens’ state with a high standard of living and high levels of state investment in education, health care, infrastructure and housing.

The film was a classic example of history as written by the victors, and no propaganda technique was omitted. But spooky music, stock footage of blood splattering on stone floors, sententious voiceover, hearsay and innuendo are no substitute for witness testimony and hard evidence, and there was precious little of that in this attempted hatchet-job of a ‘documentary’, where the un-documented assertions of sworn enemies of the revolution went unchallenged. We were told of Gaddafi’s ‘abuse’ of young girls, but the producers were unable to put one ‘victim’ on camera, and the worst ‘torture’ in the prisons was apparently having to listen to Gaddafi’s (inevitably ‘rambling’) speeches. In their desperation to portray the man as a ‘monster’ they even wheeled out a photographer who stood in front of a blown-up close-up of Gaddafi and invited us to ‘look into those eyes…there is nothing there’ . What exactly are we supposed to see ?



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