Bring Back the Bradbury !


Privately owned Banks create money as debt out of nothing and then charge interest on it. The job of their placemen and accomplices in government, mainstream political parties, and crucially the media they control, is to ensure that this fraud goes unnoticed or is misunderstood by a distracted and ill-informed population, who will then acquiesce to being enslaved in debt and ‘austerity’…
But there is nothing to prevent any sovereign nation from issuing its own debt-free, interest-free money through its Treasury, based on the wealth, integrity and potential of that nation (in other words its credit) in order to meet the needs and guarantee the security of its people. Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Greenback Dollar’, is one successful historical example, and another British precedent is the ‘Bradbury Pound’, the 100th anniversary of which is this year….(video link below).

And there does exist a handful of MPs prepared to stand up to the Banksters : to mark the anniversary they have tabled Early Day Motion 748, which is no doubt being consigned to oblivion by the Parliamentary ”powers that be” right about now   ….

4 thoughts on “Bring Back the Bradbury !

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