The Rape of Libya

COOL….Tripoli Style !


”In the darkest moments of our struggle, when our backs were to the wall, it was Muammar Gaddafi who stood with us!” – Nelson Mandela

The Green Book

NATO’s “Humanitarian Intervention” in Libya: Transforming a Country into a “Failed State”…Copyright © Iskandar Arfaoui, Global Research, 2014

AFTERMATH :Article by John Wright July 29 2014 :

”The Libya that once boasted the highest level of development of any African nation, where the standard of education, housing, infrastructure, and health stood as a beacon in a region that has long labored under the depredations and ravages of free market capitalism; the Libya that helped set up the African Union and invested billions in development projects throughout the African continent, working tirelessly for African unity – this Libya has been destroyed.”


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