National Anathema v Ellan Vannin

It would be worthwhile for the British to finally ditch their absurd, anachronistic and parasitical monarchy, if only to get a decent new National Anthem to replace the present dreadful dirge ‘God Save the Queen’ with its abject, servile lyrics. The French, Russian and Italian anthems all have great tunes, – (and the Peruvian Anthem is a belter !) -…. Even ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ is acceptable (Jimi Hendrix version, naturally)


526531_3980370479799_436448278_n Scripture

_49008320_photospace2 Manx Moon-Landing.  (Note : Flag is not waving)

o n s Peel Castle, Isle of Man

iom 3 Quocunque Jeceris Stabit

aurora as shot from above foxdale Aurora, photographed at Foxdale, IOM


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