The destabilization of Ukraine

The destabilization of Ukraine

One is struck by the frightened faces of the Ukranian ”government” soldiers when confronted by angry civilians in the east of their country who are telling them that their presence is not required. These confused young men, a long way from home for the most part, are perhaps beginning to understand that they are being used as tools of a Kiev junta (installed by the EU and CIA) whose goal is to provoke Russia into war. These young soldiers have no wish to fight ‘their brother Russians’, let alone their own people. Indeed, until today neither army seemed inclined to escalate the situation and very little fighting between the Ukranian and Russian armies seems to have occurred. Long may that continue. But the puppet-government in Kiev seems hell-bent on destablizing the country, using neo-Nazi Right Sector militias if necessary, and handing it over for asset-stripping and ”austerity” to the EU and IMF. The use of the Ukrainian army against its own people (inevitably described as ‘rebels’ by the western media) is a cynical and despicable provocation, and it is in danger of leading Ukraine to catastrophe.


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