Jews against Zionism : Respect !

all land is holy

Finkelstein and Chomsky  : brave Atheistic Jews taking a principled stand against the appalling crimes being committed in the name of their Race.

1366_596963556993542_883309085_nchomsky palestine

GILAD ATZMON INTERVIEW –  ( Gilad Atzmon  is an International jazz artist, composer and author) :

G.A. ”The only people who stalk me continuously are the Jewish left and the Guardian newspaper. I can say that it’s not a problem but I came to the realization that the biggest enemy of our elementary freedoms are the progressives.”

Q: Can we separate Judaism from Zionism?

G.A: No. Israel isn’t called the ‘Zionist State,’ it defines itself as the ‘Jewish State.’ The parties in the government are called “Israel Our Home” and the “Jewish Home” not the “Zionist Home”*. Now the Israeli cabinet has approved the National Bill that defines Israel as the Jewish state not the Zionist state. Zionism from an Israeli perspective died in 1948. Zionism was a promise to erect a Jewish state in Zion (Palestine). Once, Israel was established, Zionism was finished with its role. The only people who maintain the Zionist nonsense are the Jewish left because they want to differentiate between Jewishness and Zionism.  This is why they call Israel colonialism. But Israel is not colonialism. Colonialism is a clear exchange between a mother state and a settler state. Israel is a settler state, yet there is no Jewish mother state. This is why they call it apartheid. Israel is not apartheid: Apartheid is a racist system of exploitation. But Israel doesn’t want to exploit the Palestinians, it wants them gone. Israel is a Hitlerian ethnic cleansing model. The Left uses the terms ‘Colonialism’, ‘Zionism’, and ‘Apartheid’ in an attempt to divert attention from the ‘J’ word. For solidarity with Palestine to be meaningful, we have to de-Judify our terminology. Not to kick out the Jews, but to prevent Jewish interests from defining the boundaries of the discussion.

Q: Can we see Israel and Palestine as two states?

G.A: No


Those (often well-meaning) liberals and progressives, inside Israel and outside, who advocate a ”Two-State” solution fail to recognize an alternative, based on the idea of equality for all, on the separation of state from religion, and on an end to discrimination and racial apartheid ;- a One-State solution : LIBERATED PALESTINE !

goldmanjews for

November 5 2015

Labour MP Gerald Kaufman accuses Israel of fabricating some knife attack stories, and says the Tories are influenced by ‘Jewish money’ :


“They are not simply war criminals, they are fools” ~ Gerald Kaufman 1930 – 2017


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