”As much land as possible, and as few Palestinians as possible”

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The Palestinians are not merely being subjected to extreme violence and  traumatization. Their capacity to continue to live autonomously in historic Palestine is being systematically undermined. The destruction of infrastructure, such as the ‘Operation Protective Edge’ attack on the Gaza Strip’s only power plant, is just one indication of this truly genocidal project. Not only does the Israeli onslaught end the physical existence of Palestinian individuals, it also aims to obliterate the capacity of the Palestinians as a people to live independently in their homeland.
That is how we should understand Israel’s assaults on forty-six of Gaza’s fishing boats, and its attacks (on Day 16 of Protective Edge) on agricultural sites in the Northern Gaza Strip and Gaza City. That is how we should understand Israel rendering two-thirds of Gaza’s wheat mills inoperative, and the deprivation of 3,000 of Gaza’s herders of animal feed (to say nothing of the loss of animal life). That is the implication of Israel damaging more than 20 health facilities, including a direct strike on al-Aqsa hospital and the destruction of the el-Wafa rehabilitation hospital with strikes on multiple days. That is how we should understand the intensification of the long-running degradation of housing and deliberate destruction and dismemberment of Gaza’s economy,  to add to the misery and disease which are the inevitable consequence of the intentional denial of access to the basic requirements of  civilized life : sewerage and clean water; shelter and electricity.

Ayelet Shaked

Israeli parliamentarian Ayelet Shaked, announced that she wanted to kill not only Palestinian children, whom she called “little snakes,” but also the Palestinian mothers who raise them. Recently Shaked openly called for the genocidal murder of every Palestinian. Instead of being sent to the Hague, prosecuted, ejected from government, or even rebuked, she was lionized by Israeli society.
Ayelet Shaked  took office as Israel’s Justice Minister (sic) on 14 May 2015.

Any comment of mine is superfluous. THIS is the Zionist agenda for Palestine, stripped of the phoney pretexts and mendacious media-manipulating spin.


ISRAEL SPEAKS: “We Purposefully Attack Civilian Targets… Because They Deserve It”

Before anyone attempts to defend the Terror State of Israel, they must consider, and then explain, the words of its leaders ….

“Thine own mouth condemneth thee, and not I : Yea, thine own lips testify against thee.” – Job 15:6

quote-Jonathan-Swift-i-never-wonder-to-see-men-wicked-53490all land is holy

6 September 2015
Israel is succeeding in its despicable mission to make Gaza uninhabitable.According to a recent UN report, more than 90 percent of the Gaza Strip’s water is now undrinkable. The rest is quickly running out. The population is being intentionally denied this most basic of needs.

Three Israeli military operations in the past six years, in addition to eight years of economic blockade, have ravaged the already debilitated infrastructure of Gaza, shattered its productive base, left no time for meaningful reconstruction or economic recovery, and impoverished the Palestinian population.

‘Operation Protective Edge’, the most recent military operation, compounded already dire socio-economic conditions. The UN calls it the ‘de-development’ of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, a process whereby development is not merely hindered but reversed.


 gaza 2015 CHILDREN OF GAZA : https://mpbondblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/gaza/


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