Libya : ”Failed State”

After years of chaos since the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya is descending further into a failed state. Islamist militias have taken over the capital Tripoli and other cities and set up their own ‘government’, driving out a Parliament that was elected over the summer. For reasons which should be obvious, this has gone largely unreported in the Western media.

”The Libya that once boasted the highest level of development of any African nation, where the standard of education, housing, infrastructure, and health stood as a beacon in a region that has long laboured under the depredations and ravages of free market capitalism; the Libya that helped set up the African Union and invested billions in development projects throughout the African continent, working tirelessly for African unity – this Libya has been destroyed.”


The Green Book :

The Rape of Libya :

”Western colonialism and imperialism has never been more exposed as it has when it comes to Libya.” – John Wright

Gaddafi’s Libya Was Africa’s Most Prosperous Democracy : By Garikai Chengu :

”The Jihadists want to control the Mediterranean, and then they will attack Europe” ~ Muammar Gaddafi, February 2011


3 thoughts on “Libya : ”Failed State”

  1. West has n’t done ANYTHING good where ever they went, infesting lands and raping nations
    there was NEVER the bloody brit pedos bugger booze boys RAJ it was and has been a RAPE
    we once asked a smart wise Indian “did you really call the bloody butchers Sahib/memsahib”?
    No they were and have always been SHIT/MegaSHIT – look at the ugly brutal vile bitches of britlandia -Dumb Ashton and that shameless hideous ugly criminal wearing the crown with precious stones stolen from our land, you think we would give them respect?
    that is so dictatorial despotic idiot eye+rubbish!

    and these dumb fart say we hate their “no freedom/no choice insanity”
    Viva Green Libya! … Allah, Muammar, Libya wa bas!
    Allah Suriya Assad wa Bass
    note: read the REPORTS of the zionised mafialand ferry disaster. there are 100s of these scums infesting OUR LIBYA
    OPPOSE any infestation by mafia thugs and their TOXIC zionised cement works


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