The Square Mile

only theWhenever I visit London and tell people I live on the Isle of Man, their first response  – if they haven’t confused it with the Isle of Wight – is usually to say ”Oh, that’s a tax-haven isn’t it ?” And yet they are completely oblivious to the fact that the City of London – presided over by the Lord Mayor, not to be confused with the Mayor of London – is itself the biggest tax-haven on the planet.

”The (City of London) Corporation is an ancient, semi-alien entity lodged inside the British nation state; a “prehistoric monster which has mysteriously survived into the modern world”, as a 19th-century would-be City reformer put it. The words remain apt today. Few people care that London has a Mayor AND a Lord Mayor – but they should : the Corporation is an offshore island inside Britain, a tax haven in its own right, a square mile of entrenched reaction, the home of the devilry of modern finance”, as Nicholas Shaxson puts it in the informative New Statesman article linked below.

So when a Conservative government disingenuously demands that crown dependencies like the Isle of Man ”get their house in order” (…/get-house-in-order-cameron-tell…‘) it really is the most bare-faced cheek, and the height of hypocrisy, considering that the Tory Party remains the abject puppet and defender of ”The City” and its anachronistic privileges.


The tax haven in the heart of Britain :

RT’s Keiser Report with ”Mad” Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert, discussing the moral sink estate that is the City of London – where dealers sell debt crack on street corners and many old ladies have their pensions stolen. They also discuss the corruption of the ‘leveraged buyout’ whereby nowadays whole nations are stolen using the countries’ own assets and resources as collateral.



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