Charities : Through The Looking Glass Darkly


British and NATO military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and elsewhere, which create millions of casualties and refugees are invariably described as ”humanitarian” – ( just as Israel’s genocidal attacks on the Palestinian people are always ”self-defence” )….

The giant American arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin is bidding in the NHS sell-off,  for a £1 billion contract to run GP support services in England, an irony ( or job-creation scheme ? ) which barely registers on a distracted and dumbed-down population….

Likewise –  the Tower of London hosted a networking event for global arms manufacturers, just days after its ‘Sea of Poppies’ remembrance installation closed….

war is peace

…You couldn’t make it up  ! :  and this increasingly surreal Looking Glass World we now inhabit is given further illustration in this excellent article by Dr Roslyn Fuller which exposes the incestuous links between Corporate Capitalism, ‘Austerity’ Government…..and Charities.

”Save the Corporations…I mean Children”

”If your idea of Charity is still stuck in the age of rending thy cloak in half to clothe the naked, and dividing thy bread to feed the hungry, think again. These days “helping” the needy is Big Business.”


Big charities have moved so far into lockstep with government and corporate interests as to become virtually indistinguishable from them.”

save the children

This woman (Jasmine Whitbread) takes £4,500 a week in wages from generous donations meant for destitute children. As well as being CEO of Save The Children, she is also a non-executive director of the BT Group and Standard Chartered Bank..


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