International Women’s Day: Palestinian Female Prisoners and the Struggle for a Free Palestine

Every day, Palestinian society is exposed to repressive measures under the Israeli Occupation, including the kidnapping and detention of more than 800,000 Palestinians since 1967, over 15,000 of them women. The distressing conditions they endure, and the disgusting treatment they receive at the hands of the Occupying Force, are documented here.

My Palestine

يوم المراة Women of Palestine – International Women’s Day © google images

Palestinian women have always been part of the national struggle to liberate Palestine; they are the freedom fighters, the martyrs, the prisoners, the injured, the mothers, the sisters, the daughters and the comrades. They are the revolutionaries, the guardians of the land, the protectors of the revolution, the custodians of the sacred heritage. They stand in the face of oppression, occupation and injustice. They hold the gun, the sling, the hammer and the sickle, the pen and the brush, and fight, plant, write, sing and dance for Palestine. They are the symbol of resilience, steadfastness and patience, the symbol of resistance, dignity and heroism. They are the women of Al-Quds Jerusalem; standing up to Zionist colonialism, fighting for their birthright…. They are the women of Beit Sira, Al-Jalameh, Beita and Husan; steadfast in their land, resisting the Zionist occupation and…

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