Neo-Feudalism and The Modern British Douchebag


”Their heads are too small for their bodies, their shoulders are wider than a pub television and they have shit Robbie Williams tattoos. They look dreadful and bizarre; they are the modern British douchebag – pumped, primed, terrifyingly sexualised high-street gigolos.

They have no concept of subtlety and they don’t care…….

A walking, preening monument to the British masculinity crisis, a sports science ubermensch with an indecent exposure charge to his name…,..While it’s easy to scorn the banality – and the vanity – of the modern British douchebag, they’re only products of their environment.  An environment that has very little to offer them any more, other than gym memberships, alcohol and ‪#‎creatine‬.  The institutions that gave British men a sense of wellbeing have been ripped apart…..”

(from ‘How Sad Young Douchebags Took Over Modern Britain’ by Clive Martin)…/read/anatomy-of-a-new-modern-douchebag

The Cult of the Individual and its ludicrous – and lucrative – offspring, narcissistic body/health-fixation –  (‪#‎JustDoIt‬ ‪ #‎YoureWorthIt‬ ) – . is just one aspect of a mass political disengagement.

Media distraction, hedonistic superficiality and ‘celebrity culture’ – together with consumerism, the emasculation of employment rights, the privatization of EVERYTHING, and permanent, enforced, household- and government debt, all facilitate and promote the entrenchment of a new, post-capitalist, post-nationalist, post-political  Age of Allegiance to Financial and Corporate Power : ‪#‎NeoFeudalism‬, where money and the profit motive comes first (…and 2nd…and 3rd…), and docile, dumbed-down, and distracted populations are either  bribed into managerial complicity, brainwashed into willing servitude, or, failing that –- are absolutely, utterly, dispensable.

post-16210-None-are-more-hopelessly-ensla-cTWs (1)

The algorithms that once orchestrated advertisements now orchestrate lives.

neo feudalism

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