Slavery is a weed that grows on every soil

Iain Duncan Smith - Something for Nothingworkfare-cameron

The Tories’ vindictive so-called ‘Help to Work’ scheme is just the latest in a series of sadistic policies towards low- and no- income people dreamt up by politicians who themselves for the most part have substantial inherited or sinecure incomes.

These government-sponsored labour-confiscation schemes generate corporate profits by transferring hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money to the private outsourcing companies (Maximus, A4e etc) that administer them.

Who or what gives the state the right to hand over taxpayers’ money to private corporations so that they can confiscate the labour rights of the individual ?

work 2

In any case, the only employers likely to value experience of shelf-stacking and floor-sweeping above actual skills and qualifications are exactly the same companies that the government is providing with an unlimited supply of free labour to do such menial tasks. Few of these companies hire any of their #Workfare victims once their forced labour sentence is over. Why should they, given that they can always fill such positions with the endless supply of free labour the Tory party is hell-bent on providing for them at the taxpayers’ expense ?

One of the principal motives for the Conservative Government’s plans to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a ‘British’ Bill of Rights is its intention to strip away British citizens’ protection against this form of forced labour.

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The state is using the threat of absolute destitution to extract the labour of individuals, for its free use by its corporate allies, without recompense.

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”Slavery is a weed that grows on every soil”.  -Edmund Burke 1775


VIDEO : And This time its Personal :  Psycho-compulsion & Workfare



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