Cecil, and other Animals

william shootingLast year Prince William went on TV, with his father Charles, to launch their new campaign “Let’s Unite for Wildlife” – (stop sniggering at the back !). –  They’d invited delegates from 50 countries, including four African heads of state, to London to discuss the plight of wildlife.

The irony is that two days earlier, just before the conference, William and his brother Harry hopped on a flight to Spain for a quick weekend killing spree at Spain’s most prestigious hunting ranch, a 34,000-acre estate with its own train station, owned by William’s godfather the Duke of Westminster. William is a regular there. On the previous year’s visit, his party ”bagged” wild boar and antelope (in addition to 740 partridges).


In his own way, William is quite passionate about some kinds of wildlife. In particular, he gets all choked up over the plight of rhinos in Africa. It’s all in the tradition of other royal hunters, like his grandfather Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who is both a hunter and President Emeritus of the World Wildlife Fund. Likewise, King Juan Carlos of Spain was President of WWF’s Spanish branch – at least until a photo of him with the elephant he’d just killed caused international outrage last year.

Social media regularly goes into overdrive with indignation about Cecil the Lion or other hunted wildlife. Should not such ”charity ”, in the case of these predatory royals, begin ”at home”…… ?

Prince Charles said at the launch “It is my profound belief that humanity is less than humanity without the rest of creation. The destruction of these endangered species will diminish us all.”



Crackshot Harry, the buffalo killer: This picture emerged after a call the Prince made to protect wildlife

NO ! No, no and no again ! It’s not about US or our children. These animals don’t exist for our benefit. They’re not “resources” to be protected so they can be “enjoyed” (or massacred) .They are not our birthright; they are the birthright of their own families.

William claims that trophy hunting of wild animals should be allowed, as long as it’s “well-regulated” and raises money for conservation – a disingenuous attempt at pragmatism that makes all his other pronouncements on the plight of endangered species ring hollow.

In this interview for ITN, William hypocritically bemoans the fate of rhinos and elephants, and even speaks darkly of potential links to organised crime and the funding of terrorism. He then says that he has spoken to an official about emptying the royal palaces of all their ivory trinkets to set a good example, but then immediately undermines this by saying he only spoke “jokingly”.


Oh, and here’s a nice pic (from India, sometime in the 1950s), of Grandma and Grandad with a slaughtered tiger.



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