Corbyn’s Secret Weapon : Telling the Truth


Against all the odds, it is now looking possible, even likely, that Jeremy Corbyn will win the leadership election, and rescue the Labour Party from its decades-long hijacking by Tory-Lite careerist placemen (and women), obsessed with superficiality, spin and ”message-management.”.

Corbyn may lack ”charisma” – and even a decent suit – but he employs a secret weapon : it’s called telling the Truth.

*       *       *

Corbyn on Iraq : ”It was an illegal war… If he (Bliar) has committed a war crime, yes, he should face trial. Everybody who has committed a war crime should.”

On Palestine :

”Half a million people are now settlers all across the West Bank. Travelling around the West Bank is travelling through an occupied land where the best land and the best water are taken by the settlers, the red-roofed buildings are built increasingly over Palestinian land, and the massive concrete wall snakes around the place… That wall divides farmers from their land, divides people from their water, divides children from their schools, and makes travelling impossible. There has to be not just an end to the settlement policy but an end to the settlements. They have to go; they have to be withdrawn if there is to be any peace settlement.” ✌

”Israel’s pursuit of a shoot to kill policy against Hamas and other Palestinian groups is a brutal as it is wrong. To kill an old man in a wheel chair with a pinpoint accuracy weapon is not a sign of strength and efficiency but of weakness. A policy that has failed, and will fail, cannot bring peace or security to Israel or justice for the Palestinian people. Peace in the Middle East can only be achieved through justice for the people of Palestine. The occupation, wall and assassinations are no solution.”  ✌

corbyn form2

On Foreign Policy :

”I argue for a different type of foreign policy based on political and not military solutions; on genuine internationalism that recognises that all human life is precious, no matter what nationality; and solidarity with the oppressed across the globe” –  Jeremy Corbyn

corbyn and chavez                                                 Corbyn with the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez


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