Running Scared

corbyn 3bliar


The mass grassroots support for Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-war and anti-austerity policies has taken most Labour politicians by surprise. Their horror at this development only demonstrates their hubristic sense of entitlement to their own positions, their arrogance in the face of political failure, and their tenuous commitment to any form of real democracy.

And does it not it take a supreme level of arrogance and insensitivity for those who were the architects of one of the most disastrous of modern wars, the consequences of which are still being played out across the Middle East with devastating consequences for the people who live there, to feel that their pronouncements should be listened to at all ?

The principal argument against a Corbyn leadership being put forward by Bliar and the rest of the obviously panicking ”New Labour” crew (and media) seems to be that Corbyn’s anti-austerity policies would make the Party ”unelectable”.

This is questionable to say the least; but for these unprincipled careerists and supine hacks, using this negative strategy is far more comfortable than having to argue on actual policies, and having to defend their own opportunist, neo-liberal /Tory-Lite agenda — which reveals them in their true colours as fully paid-up lackeys and protectors of big-business and the banksters.

Oh yes…they’re panicking. Big-time.


And if he IS elected, be ready for the ferocious media onslaught (no doubt already being prepared), not just on his policies, but on his character : ”Corbyn was prison guard at Auschwitz claims Holocaust survivor” ;  ”Corbyn fathered Myra Hindley love-child” ; etc etc. 😉


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