John Smith : Labour’s Lost Leader

john smith

Excerpt  from  OPC Global article.  I have edited it to improve clarity and eliminate some grammatical errors.

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Was John Smith murdered?

The Afghan war and the invasion of Iraq ( grounded in research from people like Dr Kelly ), only became feasible politically with the election of Tony Blair as Britain’s Prime Minister…..and people say that Tony Blair only became Prime Minister because he was “lucky”.

”One is left stunned by the “lucky coincidences” that surround Tony Blair. Above all, Tony Blair owes his success in British politics to one key event, the EXTREMELY TIMELY sudden demise of John Smith, whose death cleared the path for Tony Blair to become first leader of the Labour Party and then Prime Minister shortly afterwards.

Did a coup take place on 11th May 1994, so obviously in front of our eyes that we could not see it?

If Dr Kelly, the weapons expert, was murdered to cover up the invasion of Iraq, then is there not a reasonable possibility that John Smith might have been murdered?

The night before he died John Smith was attending a dinner at a hotel in London’s exclusive Park Lane where the guests were champagne socialists, paying £500 a head. In such an environment, slipping something into his drink that would have caused a heart attack would have been easy.

Why presume the murder was committed by the security services? Consider the situation at the time. John Major had continued backing the intervention in Iraq as he had no option, but afterwards, in Bosnia and Ruanda, he just ignored problems and ran away.

Furthermore, the sex and fraud scandals that were racking Major’s Tory Government made a Labour Government in the future a near certainty, and John Smith had no interest or connection with either Israel or with the Bush camp. Indeed, as Industry Minister in the Labour Government of Jim Callaghan up until 1979, he had been less than helpful to the American multinationals.

At the time in the US, the President was George Bush Senior who probably had ideas about the future regarding Iraq but could not completely “take out” Saddam with no British backing to do it.

There was clearly a very, very powerful vested interest in removing John Smith and putting a tame leader in power for both the US and Israel.

People say that Smith had had a heart attack before, but the question arises, was that a natural one or also an attempt on his life, as he had by that time appointed Blair to be, in effect, his “number one” and he had shown himself to be potentially popular…

Finally, would it not have been a very comfortable deal ? Bush’s cronies in the CIA bump up Blair if he agrees to sell the UK down the river to the Bush camp in the future… which is precisely what he did !

St. Bart’s Hospital is a seven minute walk from the Barbican. The records show that John Smith had a ‘mysterious’ second heart attack whilst in the ambulance which arrived, not within minutes, but almost 40 minutes after the phone call. Despite attempts to find out who the staff were in the ambulance and what drugs, if any, were administered, the whole matter is covered by secrecy.

As in the case of Robin Cook, the family of John Smith, his wife and three daughters have since simply vanished into oblivion. Other than naming Labour Party Headquarters the name ‘John Smith’, the Prime Minister in waiting is forgotten.”


Tony Benn ”was threatened with assassination in the event of his ever assuming the leadership of an elected Labour government.”

It is evident that the British Establishment, the Monarchy, and the Army are more than willing to by-pass ”democracy” in order to hold on to all their power – if necessary.


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