Hypocrisy and Cover-Ups; Paedophiles and Pig-F*ckers

While it becomes increasingly apparent that the British Establishment is composed almost exclusively of fraudsters, thieves, child-rapists, murderers, liars, and hypocrites, what is the current agenda of the ruling class and mainstream media ?… To demand an apology from Labour’s new deputy-leader Tom Watson for meekly exposing the mere tip of the iceberg and requesting some justice for slandered and maligned victims.

As Watson said in parliament today : ‘If anyone deserves an apology, it’s them.’

The evidence is overwhelming (and mounting). of a widespread paedophile ring operating within the Royal Palaces, the BBC, Downing Street and Westminster. If the police do not arrest major political and royal figures so that they can be questioned under caution, then police investigations will be exposed for what they are – just another part of the cover-up.cameron 7

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