Vendredi Treize


We lose our capacity to create positive political solutions when we stop thinking critically and allow emotional identifications to herd us into factitious substitutes for solidarity and action.

We lose our ability to respond constructively to atrocity if we allow ourselves to see people not as individuals, but as symbols ~ where OUR solidarity, our eagerness to melt into a warm mindless oneness and feel we’re doing something, is contingent on YOUR involuntary solidarity, your losing who you really are in a menacing mass. We can’t stand together HERE unless we imagine you all together THERE in enmity.

Of course this suits the warmongers perfectly.

Changing avatars on social media is a feeble distraction from changing realities in society. To combat violence we must look unflinchingly at the palpable iniquities that breed it. Unfortunately they won’t be won’t be rectified by acts of courage on our computer screens that neither risk nor alter anything.




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