The Big Fish Eat The Little Fish

killing the host

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. And if they would destroy economies, they first create a wealthy class on top, and let human nature do the rest. The acquisition of power soon leads to its abuse, to economic and social hubris. By seeking to protect its gains, perpetuate itself and make its wealth hereditary, the emergence of a power elite locks in its position in ways that exclude and injure those below. The wealthy indebt them, shift the tax burden onto the less powerful, and turn government into an oligarchy.”

“The new breed of corporate raiders and “financial engineers” pay themselves interest and produce capital gains with the profits hitherto shared with state and local tax collectors. The government budget deficits deepens, and the Treasury issues more bonds and looks to raise taxes from labour and consumers. The entire economy becomes more debt-leveraged, paying income to creditors – headed by the One Percent – instead of investing it or spending to raise living standards.”


”What is at work is an Orwellian strategy of rhetorical deception to represent finance and other rentier sectors as being part of the economy, not external to it. This is precisely the strategy that parasites in nature use to deceive their hosts that they are not free riders but part of the host’s own body, deserving careful protection.”

“As the poet Charles Baudelaire quipped, the devil wins at the point where he is able to convince the world that he doesn’t exist.”


~ from ‘Killing the Host : How Financial Parasites and Debt Destroy the Global Economy’ by Michael Hudson (2015), an analysis of the financial parasitism which now passes for our ”economic system”

Highly recommended.

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Some Quotes On Banking :

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