HSBC : The World’s Most Criminal Bank ?

HSBC DARKHSBC scammed over £1 billion in illegal charges to 500-600,000 British shoppers.

You might think our public service broadcaster would report on this matter which is so clearly in the public interest – but no – the BBC does not report damaging HSBC stories that are not already in the public domain, and censors any stories they do report.

The list of media outlets that have investigated but then dropped the case includes BBC’s Newsnight, Panorama, Moneybox, and BBC Radio 5, as well as the Guardian, Telegraph, and Sunday Times. This systematic media cover-up of the outrageous HSBC fraud is yet another shocking example, if one was needed, of the successfully manufactured unaccountability, and autocratic hubris, of the ruling financial elite.

HSBC is also attempting to suppress a report into money laundering. This is no surprise since the company’s entire history, right up to the present day, is one of financing drug cartels. HSBC is not known for its transparency. Britain’s wealthiest company, with a stock market valuation of $215 billion, has enough advertising muscle in the British press to ensure that critical investigative pieces have been spiked in both the Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph – in the latter case, causing that newspaper’s chief political commentator to resign in protest.

Drug smuggling is HSBC’s raison d’etre  :

HSBC is being sued all over the world for its crimes. It should be no surprise that the world’s most criminal bank should stay in the world’s financial crime centre, the City of London.

Captured regulators and impunity behind HSBC’s decision to keep HQ in London –


The moral sink-estate that is  The City of London – where dealers sell debt crack on street corners and many old ladies have their pensions stolen :


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