No No Nicky

slave auctionIain Duncan-Smith may have resigned in a cynical attempt to give the impression that he has some residual integrity, but sadly, we are still stuck with this cretinous woman as Education Minister, despite the fact that she appears barely capable of independent thought, and does little else but parrot the mendacious platitudes provided to her by her toryboy spin-doctors. This vacant, vapid, arrogant (and intellectually-challenged) woman repeatedly declined to answer an interviewer’s simple question ”What is 7 times 8 ?” when her department was introducing mandatory multiplication table testing earlier this year. The Education Minister – ( ! ) – even lacked the good grace to admit that she did not know…


nick morgan

The UK  government is wasting no time in its renewed assault on the education system. Following the announcement that all schools will be forced into academy status, the Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan, has published an education White Paper. Although cloaked in the language of progress, the ”reforms” point to an extremely regressive aim : nothing  less than the elimination of any say in our schools, for anyone other than their new corporate masters.

”Voices of parents, governors and the local community are being silenced by a government that does not believe in proper democratic accountability in our schools.” ~ Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers

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