”Your clothes are made in China. Your news is made in Israel.”

bbc zio

It is not only the BBC which has fallen under Zionist domination. The other three major British television networks ( ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 ) are also now similarly controlled.

Sky’s Rupert Murdoch belongs to, and has been honoured by, a number of leading Zionist organizations.

Hollywood and the ”music industry” have long been monopolised in the same way.

Every major Hollywood movie studio, – including Disney, Warner Brothers / Time Warner, Sony, Paramount, Viacom, and Universal, – is Zionist-owned and controlled.

Jewish hegemony in the music industry is universal and deeply entrenched.

CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, ESPN, Bloomberg, Associated Press, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times……… MTV, E! Entertainment, MCA, Google, Facebook ….. I could go on !

Media manipulation is far more efficient today than it was in Nazi Germany. We are now routinely fed lies and propaganda even by ”public service” broadcasters, who cynically exploit the misconception that they provide all the information that is required. Tragically, this mistaken assumption of integrity too often diverts people from even looking elsewhere for truth.

The Reithian injunction to ”inform, educate, and entertain” has been thoroughly betrayed.

Propaganda, wealth-worship, prurience and brain-rotting celebrity trash permeate both our TV schedules and print media.

We are now seen as effectively lobotomised sheep; slaves to be distracted, degraded, intellectually emasculated, neutralised and pacified.

6 April 2017 : An Orwellian reversal of reality.

The new video ad for BBC News :  Frankly, embarrassing



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