geldof thames

”Sir” Bob Geldof, Knight of the British Empire, took to the Thames today, loud-hailing a pro-EU rant supposedly in support of British fishermen   — almost enough in itself to persuade me to vote Leave, (if I had a vote).

Band Aid was / is a gigantic propaganda exercise and financial con designed to remunerate private financial institutions, the IMF and the World Bank. Geldof’s initiative acted as a direct reimbursement process for the creditors of the 18 poorest countries on the planet, while further binding these countries, their industries and their exports to the future predations of the World Bank and IMF.


This odious charlatan is apparently worth in the region of £125 million. Now I wonder where all that money came from ? Oh, of course, it must have been his hugely successful music career with the global sensation that was the Boomtown Rats !

A trail of death follows this man around –  (Paula Yates, Michael Hutchence, Peaches Geldof ). This also is never a good thing….

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