Deal With It


Why the British said no to Europe

by John Pilger

( extract ~ full text linked below )

”The majority vote by Britons to leave the European Union was an act of raw democracy. Millions of ordinary people refused to be bullied, intimidated and dismissed with open contempt by their presumed betters in the major parties, the leaders of the business and banking oligarchy and the media.

The most effective propagandists of the “European ideal” have not been the far right, but an insufferably patrician class for whom metropolitan London is the United Kingdom. Its leading members see themselves as liberal, enlightened, cultivated tribunes of the 21st century zeitgeist, even “cool”. What they really are is a bourgeoisie with insatiable consumerist tastes and ancient instincts of their own superiority. In their house paper, The Guardian, they have gloated, day after day, at those who would even consider the EU profoundly undemocratic, a source of social injustice and a virulent extremism known as “neoliberalism”.

The aim of this extremism is to install a permanent, capitalist theocracy that ensures a two-thirds society, with the majority divided and indebted, managed by a corporate class, and a permanent working poor. In Britain today, 63 per cent of poor children grow up in families where at least one member is working. For them, the trap has closed. More than 600,000 residents of Britain’s second city, Greater Manchester, are, reports a study, “experiencing the effects of extreme poverty” and 1.6 million are slipping into penury.

Little of this social catastrophe is acknowledged in the bourgeois controlled media, notably the Oxbridge dominated BBC. During the referendum campaign, almost no insightful analysis was allowed to intrude upon the clichéd hysteria about “leaving Europe”, as if Britain was about to be towed in hostile currents somewhere north of Iceland….”

”This was not the narrative the establishment were expecting. This was never meant to happen. The remorseless logic of Project Fear seemed tried and tested and sure of success.

At times the barrage seemed too great, as institutions both national and international held nothing back. The Prime Minister and Chancellor; the Labour Party; the Treasury and Foreign Office; the Bank of England; JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs; the Bankers; the Beckhams, the Bransons, the Eddie Izzards, the Benedict Cumberbatchs; the Archbishop of Canterbury; the Pope; the IMF; Jean Claude Junker; President Obama; all lined up to scare the people into voting remain.

But there was a fundamental flaw. A chink in the logic of project fear – namely that scaring deprived communities with economic uncertainty simply would not work when they had lived with economic uncertainty for over 30 years.

In communities where tradesman had not given themselves a pay rise for fifteen years; where the minimum wage was the maximum wage for some; where zero hour contracts offer no security to others – explain to them that the EU protects their workers rights.”

(extract from article in ”Manannan’s Review” – edited)

Full Article :

Freeing the UK from EU regulations would allow the UK access to free-trade treaties with 2.2 billion potential customers that they don’t have today. Big corporations may lose out in the short term, but it should be beneficial to small and medium sized British business.

Paolo Barnard, the most censored Italian economic journalist, reveals the truth about BREXIT and the European Union. (video)


The European Union, the corrupt and vicious neo-liberal Austerity Weapon of the financial / political elite– has been defeated in the UK — the first step towards its inevitable dissolution.
And yet the metropolitan so-called ”left” is furious. How dare the ”have-nots” put the house prices, foreign holidays and cheap au-pairs of the ”haves” at risk ?
Overwhelmingly it was the poor and powerless who made this historic step, by rebelling in the only way they saw possible – NOT voting the way their privileged masters and the political class demanded. To quote Jeremy Corbyn today : ”Millions of voters have rejected a political establishment that has left them behind. Communities that have been hardest hit by government cuts and economic failure have voted against the status quo.”
This result represents a war cry from the masses — a plague on all elites, left or right.
Well, it’s a start…..
What is needed now is a focused escalation to make the ruling class tremble. Not to allow racists and fascists to exploit this result, but to take, and keep, the political initiative.
* * *
”The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.” ~ Ernesto ”Che” Guevara
* * *


In any case, whatever your views on the referendum, the resignation of Posh-boy Pig-fucker is surely reason enough to celebrate !

By the way  : How daft is this Petition calling for a 2nd EU referendum ?

And enough, please, with these petulant, self-serving, simple-minded attacks on disobedient pro-Leave voters for being primitive, xenophobic bigots (and stupid to boot), all to avoid coming to terms with your own responsibility.

….. DEAL WITH IT !!!…

(And start by asking yourself : Why was it overwhelmingly The Poor who voted Leave ?)


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