The Chilcot Inquiry

The Chilcot Inquiry has found that : having lied to Parliament about the threat of WMD, Blair then invaded Iraq before peaceful options had been exhausted, with no plan for the aftermath of regime change, and inadequate military preparation.

179 British soldiers – and at least 150,000 Iraqis – paid the heaviest price for this narcissist’s fatal lack of judgment and his abject servility to the oil- and plunder-hungry US war machine fronted by George W Bush.
Far from being misled by ”flawed” intelligence – (it was actually fabricated to order) – or merely incompetent, Blair’s actions were entirely volitional and frankly criminal. He should, of course, now be arrested to face trial, along with those in MI5 and the intelligence service who were complicit in the deception and lies…..but don’t hold your breath…. The Inquiry was set up in such away that no legal outcome will follow.

Jeremy Corbyn :   Chilcot statement in Parliament (video)

‘…the decision to invade Iraq on what was clearly flawed intelligence about weapons of mass destruction (WMD) has led to a fundamental breakdown of trust in politics and in our institutions of government. While the governing classes got it so horrifically wrong, many people got it right….”

….So, enough of this ”with the benefit of hindsight” bullshit from Jack Straw, Alastair Campbell and the rest, please….


Stomach-turning BBC brainwash from April 9, 2003 – the day Baghdad was formally occupied by US/British forces. It is representative of much of the pitiful ”journalism” that surrounded the war.



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