Dubai : A nasty little theocracy in a shopping mall


Sterile and morally destitute Dubai shows what happens when you chase money at the cost of all else. Towers built by slaves, and vile consumerism.

A nasty little theocracy in a shopping mall, Dubai is a smorgasbord of the despicable – modern slavery;  a legal system that jails rape victims; ghastly bad taste; an utter contempt for the environment — a hideous fusion of hyper-capitalism and repressive theocracy.

It is also a warning to London : When all you care about is money, eventually you get Dubai…

‘Dubai on Empty’ :

‘Who in their right mind would want to visit Dubai ?…/Who-in-their-right-mind-would-…


Dubai and the UAE – like the other Gulf States and Saudi Arabia – feels no requirement to have humanitarian concerns for the unfolding refugee tragedy caused by imperialism in their region. They have bought the ”friendship” of the West with oil money in order to be left to run their countries entirely in the interests of their absolute rulers, the al-Saud and Maktoum families…..
Not Our Problem


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