”Their Hunger Is Ours. Their Revolution Is Ours”


Ignored, needless to say, by the Zionised western media, today May Day is the 15th day of the “Dignity Hunger Strike”, during which Palestinian prisoners are refraining from taking food and only drinking water and salt.

”Their struggle is ours, their pain is ours, their hunger is ours, their thirst is ours and their revolution is ours.”

Over 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners are currently held captive in Israeli jails and detention centres. They include 500 ”administrative detainees,” 350 children, and 28 journalists, as well as thirteen Palestinian MPs and two former ministers. Most prisoners are systematically tortured. Israeli law legalizes torture, allowing Israeli intelligence services to use ”a moderate degree of physical pressure” – whatever that means. According to Amnesty International, Israeli interrogators have used over 80 methods of physical and psychological torture, including severe beating, shackling, depriving detainees of sleep, burning with cigarettes, removing nails, freezing or boiling baths, standing for long hours, and sexual harassment. The interrogators are legally protected from prosecution.

Karamah Strike: The Revolution of Empty Stomachs towards Achieving Freedom and Justice


A suspiciously large number of Palestinian prisoners suffer from incurable diseases or permanent disabilities as a result of imprisonment by the Israeli regime. The International Solidarity for Human Rights Institute recently indicated that the Israeli regime uses Palestinian prisoners to test their new drugs, contravening international medical and moral principles.



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