5/22 : The Manchester Bomb

MANCHESTER BOMBFollowing a second emergency ”Cobra” meeting, Theresa May just said that police officers, who are currently guarding public offices, will be temporarily replaced by British Armed Forces personnel, adding that OperationTemperer was now in force. (No, I’ve never heard of it either, and a Google search reveals nothing). The plan apparently envisages the deployment of up to 5,000 soldiers on the streets of British cities. Armed forces would also boost security at ”key locations” and could also be deployed at ”public events such as concerts or sports competitions.”


The Manchester bomb not only killed innocent children, but also the Election debate, and at a critical point.

Theresa May was visibly rattled the previous day, and on the defensive because of her dementia tax U-turn and weak and wobbly leadership.

Today, anyone reading the Sun or the Mail will see little but hatred and vile innuendo against Jeremy Corbyn, attempting to brand him a “terrorist sympathiser” via the IRA in the eighties.

May’s lines now are easy :  “You need my strong, stable leadership to see us through these dark times”.

This is a tragedy for the country on more than one level. Young people and children murdered, and Labour losing any political traction it had now that the political process has halted.

Any hope of progress at this election has, I fear, now gone.

old tr

Was the fake bomb threat at Old Trafford one year ago a case of mere carelessness, or was it a psychological operation to prepare the British public for a future attack?

This article by Luis R. Miranda was published on May 16, 2016

Fake Bomb in Manchester: Psy-op or False-flag Attempt


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