Involuntary Euthanasia


The culture of ”involuntary euthanasia” exposed at Gosport today is by no means unique, or even extraordinary. It is merely the tip of a very large iceberg.

It is a great, yet unspoken, on-going national scandal that NHS doctors routinely end the lives of thousands of elderly hospital patients prematurely because they are difficult to manage, or in order to free up beds.

Doctors and complicit hospital staff have turned the so-called ”care pathway’’ into the equivalent of euthanasia of the inconvenient elderly, and around one third of all hospital deaths are induced in this way.

Top doctor’s chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year

The lack of evidence required before initiating the Liverpool Care Pathway makes it an assisted death pathway rather than a care pathway. Many elderly patients who could live substantially longer are being killed by the LCP. Patients are frequently put on the pathway without a proper analysis of their condition. The personal views of the physician. or other medical team members, of the perceived quality of life or low likelihood of a good outcome are central in putting a patient on the LCP.

If we accept the Liverpool Care Pathway, we accept that euthanasia is part of the standard way of dying, as it is now associated with 29 per cent of NHS deaths.

~ Mail Online  article published June 20 2012

The Government ordered an independent review in 2012 which recommended that hospitals abolish the practice of LCP by July 2014.  But nurses and other experts have since  given evidence to MPs on the health select committee that the pathway is still being used by hospitals ‘under a different name’.

In nearly every hospital it is ”Trust” policy ( for ‘Trust’  read  ‘Government’  ) not to  waste money or time on ”non-productive units”  ( i.e. the over 70s ).  They are sedated and food and drink is withheld.  They then die of ”natural causes” and the doctor can write –  for example – ”pneumonia” on the Death Certificate.  (Incidentally, every Trust that operates this scheme is merely following NHS Minister Hunt’s directive as spelled out in his book.)

This is indeed a long-running national scandal, but most people will either choose to believe that Gosport is an isolated, untypical case, or worse, will continue to turn a blind eye to , or even approve of, widespread state-sponsored euthanasia.


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