Leave Them Kids Alone

kids climate strike

These children are not “engaged” – they are scared stiff.

But adults should stop scaring kids about climate change. They should dispel children’s worst fears, not encourage them. Their fears about the future should be challenged in the same way as their fears of ghosts and monsters.

And it is not science that has put this apocalyptic understanding of climate change into these children’s heads. The truth is that science has yet to detect any statistical increase in the kinds of floods, wildfires, droughts and storms that these kids have been told will rip civilisation from its foundations.

Moreover, even if natural disasters were to multiply in the way that the doom-merchants predict, far fewer people would be exposed to them than in the past. Thanks largely to the very economic development that is held responsible for climate change, extreme weather today kills barely two per cent of the number of people it claimed in the early 1900s, despite the global population increasing nearly five-fold. ( sourcehttps://www.spiked-online.com/…/the-myth-of-a-climate-cris…/ )

It is extremely unlikely that any of these young strikers, their children, or even their great-great-grandchildren will ever experience climate-change-related devastation.

Yet irresponsible teachers, journalists, broadcasters, politicians and even academics have told them that they are going to die horribly and that they have no future.

At the same time, any semblance of perspective, or even debate, on the causes of climate change, in schools, textbooks, media and the public sphere has quite shamelessly been effectively abolished.

We can, I hope, all agree that atmospheric pollution is a ‘bad thing’, but it really is alarmist – and dangerous – nonsense to suggest, especially to impressionable young minds, that we are all going to drown under melting ice-caps (or something) if we continue to burn stuff.

The scare-mongering does however divert kids’ attention away from the issues that really do threaten their future – the dumbing-down and financialisation of education; growing inequality; permanent war; permanent debt; money-worship and gross materialism; the mendacity of their rulers; etc, etc….

And perhaps that is the whole point.


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