It’s Climate Change, Jim – but not as we know it

”90% of scientists agreed” in the seventies, too !  😂

But then the idea that Global Warming is man-made was promoted by Ronald Reagan in the US when  OPEC sent the oil-price through the roof, and by Margaret Thatcher in the UK, as a means of promoting nuclear power and reducing the impact of strike action by the National Union of Mineworkers in the (then state-owned) coal industry. Nuclear power was extremely controversial prior to that time, but the demonisation of fossil-fuels inevitably led to its greater acceptance.


Climate Change is nothing new and nothing unusual. For example, temperatures during the Medieval Warm Period, a time of great economic advance in Europe and elsewhere, were much higher than today — (ever wondered how Greenland got its name ?) – and a millennium earlier vineyards were commonplace in Roman Britain as far north as Northumbria.

The evidence presented in the film ”The Great Global Warming Swindle” (linked below) is that climate change is primarily due to processes in the Sun which impact – via the ‘solar wind’ – on cloud-formation – and NOT human activity.

Water vapour, not carbon dioxide, is by far the most important ”greenhouse gas”, and  CO2, man-made or otherwise, is NOT the driving force behind climate change now, and never has been in the past.

We can probably all agree that atmospheric pollution is not a particularly good idea, but on the other hand it really is alarmist nonsense to suggest that we are all going to drown under melting ice-caps – or something – if we continue to burn stuff.

But then again. if Saint Greta says that the science is settled, I guess it must be, so no more heresy please ! 😂

saint greta

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