The Sewell Report

The UK government’s report on race and ethnic disparities, led by Dr Tony Sewell, concluded that factors such as family dynamics, community culture, geography and especially social class are more influential than the existence of racism in determining life chances in modern-day Britain. While advancing the view that racism remains a ‘’real force in the UK’’, it – correctly – states that Britain has made considerable progress over the past 50 years when it comes to race relations. The report’s authors make the key point that they ‘’no longer see a Britain where the system is deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities’’.

In suggesting that economic factors such as class deserve more of society’s attention and resources than race, the Report of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities helps to expose the hollowness, divisiveness and the pretensions of the ‘woke’ identitarian agenda.

Dr Tony Sewell

Predictably, the report’s authors have been vilified, compared to Goebbels and denounced as token blacks and Uncle Toms – all for the crime of saying that Britain isn’t intrinsically evil.

”Class ? How dare you ?” says the dumb, metropolitan so-called left … 😳

Thou shalt not question “institutional racism

”There are many on the left old enough to recall anti-racism when its objectives were unifying, universal and anti-race. And many no doubt share the Sewell report’s stance. But they daren’t risk the wrath of the vocal and identitarian mob, so prevalent in the media and online, and thus remain silent. Given the vitriolic response to Sewell’s report, you can understand their silence.” ~ Adrian Hart

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