Mnuchin : Neck-deep in the Trump Swamp

 If it wasn’t already obvious that Trump’s ”tough” pre-election talk about ‘’draining the swamp’’ was merely empty rhetoric, his appointment of longtime Goldman Sachs executive Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary removes any doubt.
As his companies were aggressively foreclosing on homeowners at the time of the 2008 crash, and millions of Americans were losing their homes, jobs, savings and pensions, Mnuchin was making his fortune off their misery.
Mnuchin also has a lucrative sideline as ”executive producer” of Hollywood movies, including the hideous celebration of patriotic psychopathy “American Sniper”
As Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile says, ”The muck in President Trump’s swamp just got neck-deep.”

Brexit and Neo-Feudalism

There was a fundamental flaw in the fear-mongering logic of the Remain campaign – namely that scaring deprived communities with economic uncertainty simply would not work when they had lived with economic uncertainty for over 30 years.
In communities where self-employed tradesmen have not given themselves a pay rise for fifteen years; where the minimum wage is the maximum wage for many, and zero hour contracts offer zero security to others – try explaining to these people that the EU ”protected their employment rights”.
In Britain today, 63 per cent of poor children grow up in families where at least one family member is working. For them, the poverty trap has already closed. A recent study found that more than 600,000 residents of Britain’s second city, Greater Manchester, are “experiencing the effects of extreme poverty.”
The profoundly undemocratic EU has become essentially a mechanism of capitalistic entrenchment, social injustice, austerity, bankers’ hegemony and endemic indebtedness — the virulent extremism known as “Neoliberalism”, or as I prefer to call it : Neo -Feudalism.

Why the British said no to Europe

john pilger by John Pilger :


Conceived in Iniquity, Born In Sin

BENN EU”Conceived in iniquity and born in sin”. ~ Sir Josiah Stamp, a Governor of the Bank of England back in the 1920’s, used these words to describe the modern banking system, but they apply equally to the origins of the EU.

”I am against the Treaty of Rome which entrenches laissez-faire as its philosophy and chooses bureaucracy as its administrative method.” ~Tony Benn ( Encounter, January 1963).

Brexit : It’s a Start…

:Challenge-Accepted-Girl-Meme-07The European Union. the corrupt and vicious neo-liberal Austerity Weapon of the financial / political elite — has been defeated in the UK — the first step towards its inevitable dissolution.

And yet the metropolitan so-called ”left” is furious. How dare the ”have-nots” put the house prices, foreign holidays and cheap au-pairs of the ”haves” at risk ?

Overwhelmingly it was the poor and powerless who made this historic step by rebelling in the only way they saw possible – NOT voting the way their privileged masters demanded. To quote Jeremy Corbyn today : ”Millions of voters have rejected a political establishment that has left them behind. Communities that have been hardest hit by government cuts and economic failure have voted against the status quo.” .

This result represents a war cry from the masses — a plague on all elites, left or right.

Well, it’s a start…..

What is needed now is a focused escalation to make the ruling class tremble. Not to allow racists and fascists to exploit this result, but to take, and keep, the political initiative.

* * *

”The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.” ~ Ernesto ”Che” Guevara

* * *


In any case, whatever your views on the referendum, the resignation of Posh-boy Pig-fucker is surely reason enough to celebrate !



geldof thames

”Sir” Bob Geldof, Knight of the British Empire, took to the Thames today, loud-hailing a pro-EU rant supposedly in support of British fishermen   — almost enough in itself to persuade me to vote Leave, (if I had a vote).

Band Aid was / is a gigantic propaganda exercise and financial con designed to remunerate private financial institutions, the IMF and the World Bank. Geldof’s initiative acted as a direct reimbursement process for the creditors of the 18 poorest countries on the planet, while further binding these countries, their industries and their exports to the future predations of the World Bank and IMF.


This odious charlatan is apparently worth in the region of £125 million. Now I wonder where all that money came from ? Oh, of course, it must have been his hugely successful music career with the global sensation that was the Boomtown Rats !

A trail of death follows this man around –  (Paula Yates, Michael Hutchence, Peaches Geldof ).

This also is never a good thing….

Brexit : A False Choice

Voting Remain, as well as playing into the hands of pernicious neoliberal ideologues like Cameron, Osborne and Hunt, necessarily implies acquiescence to, and support for the undemocratic Troika who are our real rulers now — the (unelected) European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the IMF. These undemocratic institutions are quite prepared, even eager, to punish any deviation from their Neo-Feudal Austerity agenda. ( Ask the Greeks )

Yet a vote to Leave would be seen as a victory for the reactionary right. It would send a strong signal to the growing neo-fascist movements across Europe that an inward-looking, closed-door, xenophobic ideology is a politically and economically viable option.

A vote for Britain to leave the EU would not empower any progressive alternative either; indeed in the short term it would facilitate Tory plans to scrap progressive European labour and human rights legislation. A Leave vote would  be interpreted as victory for bigotry and fear.

Frankly, the EU referendum is a choice between two miserable options, –  almost literally, the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Even if one is a slightly lesser evil than the other, neither offer any hope, any potential for liberation, any improvement in living conditions, any increase in wages or job stability, any reduction in rents, any progress towards more democratic control, or indeed anything that could be seen as increasing the chances of an improved, fairer society.

People need to stop trying to construct arguments that either side of this tedious ”debate” is a credible progressive option, and start focussing on building serious political movements instead.

* * *

Incidentally, because the Isle of Man is not in the EU, I don’t have a vote in the Referendum.

But frankly, I don’t care.


The false choice of the Brexit referendum  (~ article by Dr Rosln Fuller)


”That core issues are not squarely addressed unto themselves by any side in the debate is no accident. The truth is that Brexit boils down to a choice between Neoliberalism by Hook or Neoliberalism by Crook, because at bottom the British national establishment and the European Union share similar methods of operation as well as similar policies.”

Jeremy Corbyn was put in a very difficult position by the Labour Party. He is a lifelong opponent of the undemocratic EU and, in private at least, this view is unlikely to have changed. But as a result of his capitulation to the Blairites, as this ‘Canary’ editorial explains…

.”….An entire swathe of left-wing Eurosceptics has a truly horrible choice. First, they can vote to #Remain in an EU that has become so anti-democratic that it deposed the democratically elected leaders of Greece and Italy in order to push through its economic and political agenda. Or second, they can vote to #Leave on the terms of a UK government to the right of that anti-democratic institution. This means, whether they like it or not, they are voting to lose key civil, human and workers’ rights, to accelerate a TTIP-style trade deal, to see British science, technology and engineering take a massive hit, and see any resulting recession become the pretext for austerity on steroids. What a choice !…..This whole sham of a Referendum is a giant missed opportunity to reshape our nation in real and fundamental ways. Proving once again, that if we want a genuine transformation of this country, we’re going to have to do it ourselves…….”


boris and cam”Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Agreed to have a battle;
For Tweedledum said Tweedledee
Had spoiled his nice new rattle.”
~ Lewis Carroll (‘Through the Looking Glass’)

HSBC : The World’s Most Criminal Bank ?

HSBC DARKHSBC scammed over £1billion in illegal charges to 500-600,000 British shoppers. You might think our public service broadcaster would report on this matter which is so clearly in the public interest – but no – the BBC does not report damaging HSBC stories that are not already in the public domain, and censors any stories they do report. The list of media outlets that have investigated but then dropped the case includes BBC’s Newsnight, Panorama, Moneybox, and BBC Radio 5, as well as the Guardian, Telegraph, and Sunday Times. This systematic media cover-up of the outrageous HSBC fraud is yet another shocking example, if one was needed, of the successfully manufactured unaccountability, and autocratic hubris, of the ruling financial elite.

HSBC is also attempting to suppress a report into money laundering. This is no surprise since the company’s entire history, right up to the present day, is one of financing drug cartels. HSBC is not known for its transparency. Britain’s wealthiest company, with a stock market valuation of $215 billion, has enough advertising muscle in the British press to ensure that critical investigative pieces have been spiked in both the Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph – in the latter case, causing that newspaper’s chief political commentator to resign in protest.

Drug smuggling is HSBC’s raison d’etre  :

“HSBC is being sued all over the world for its crimes. It should be no surprise that the world’s most criminal bank should stay in the world’s financial crime centre, the City of London.”

Captured regulators and impunity behind HSBC’s decision to keep HQ in London’ –



The moral sink-estate that is  The City of London – where dealers sell debt crack on street corners and many old ladies have their pensions stolen :