The Self Has Become A Commodity

London__Westminster_-_Vauxhall_Bridge_Road_Pedestrian_Crossing_-_geograph.org_.uk_-_1739902-1304x400Every measure of mental ill health imaginable shows a society in freefall, not only making its citizens sicker but denying them the help to get better. That is unless your stated aim is to get back to work as quickly as possible. For soon there will be a Department of Work and Pensions employment advisor at your therapy centre, your GP, damn it probably your local supermarket if the Tories get their way. For what worth does anyone have if not to contribute to the job market ? …

The self has become a commodity, with simplified ideas from Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) used to inject into people the idea that they can and should be able to excise certain traits, emotions and behaviours for maximum marketability, be that on their CV or via Instagram hits. This responsibilisation and the pressure to display a positive mental attitude and upward trajectory creates casualties, for not all of us can succeed as measured according to neoliberal ideals.

~ article by Jay Watts, Novara Media

Tackling the Mental Health Crisis Means Defeating Neoliberalism Once and For All



Implied Consent

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”Implied consent” for organ donation is a problematic and in my opinion a very dangerous suggestion, especially when it comes from NHS privatiser-in-chief  Jeremy Hunt.

In a privatised and market-driven health service, human organs become a valuable ”commodity”, with harvesting and sale to the highest bidder a far from impossible scenario in the not so distant future.

It is a well-documented fact that Israel already routinely strips vital body-parts –  especially corneas apparently – from the corpses of young Palestinians killed by its security forces before returning their bodies to their families. These organs are then sold on the thriving international market for such ”goods” .

Asset-stripping and exploitation is thus continued even after death.

In any case, I hereby refuse Mr Rockefeller or any other satanic fucker the use of my ticker for their 6th heart transplant…..


I’m not a gynaecologist, but I know a Hunt when I see one

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Ebola Scare : ‘Disaster Capitalism’ at work ?

In her impassioned and informative book ”The Shock Doctrine : The Rise of Disaster Capitalism”, Naomi Klein reveals how the corporations who own the antidotes to deadly diseases (including the supposedly ”eradicated” smallpox) came to possess such dangerous monopoly power.
The answer is that it was handed to them by their privatising neo-con buddies in the White House, Whitehall and elsewhere.
A dominant player in this deadly business is Gilead, whose major shareholders include(d) none other than ”Mr Disaster Capitalism” himself : Donald Rumsfeld.
For the six years he held office as Secretary of Defence under President George W. Bush,  Rumsfeld had to leave the White House room whenever the talk turned to the possibility of Avian Flu treatment and the purchase of drugs for it. (His colleagues however, took good care of his interests). Rumsfeld is also a former CEO of the pharmaceutical corporation G. D. Searle & Company (now part of Pfizer).
rums2  big pharma
Corporate America wants to maintain a monopoly on life-saving drugs, and stifle efforts of foreign nations to obtain such products easily and affordably.
In ”Big Pharma: How the World’s Biggest Drug Companies Control Illness’ ‘ (2006)  British journalist Jacky Law exposes how major pharmaceutical companies determine which health  care problems are publicised and researched.
Outlining the history of the pharmaceutical industry , Law identifies the failure of a regulatory framework which disingenuously assumes that pharmaceutical companies always produce worthwhile products that society needs.
 big ph3      fear
” I no longer believe in the United States’ government. It has a terrible record when it comes to telling the truth on any serious subject,”
Film by Michael Winterbottom, based on Naomi Klein‘s terrifying book ‘The Shock Doctrine :
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”Assisted Dying”


We must be very careful about this, and I am most emphatically not  in favour of changing the law on ”assisted dying”.

Without suggesting that anyone you or I know would abuse any change, I can think of circumstances where others, including financially constrained health-care professionals/administrators, or unscrupulous relatives awaiting inheritance, might.

Much more research and development of palliative care, ( despite the expense involved ), is the way forward in my opinion. The phrase, ”thin end of the wedge’’ also springs to mind. Having said that I do not doubt that this cause is supported from the very best of motives;  but all in all I rather agree with the point in a Facebook post on this subject by Mike Smith :……

”What utter lies Dignity in Dying utter. All the evidence from Oregon and the Netherlands shows that the numbers of people dying increase dramatically year-on-year. The so-called safeguards do not work. And in times of austerity, more and more people will feel they do not want to be a burden on their relatives, friends or society. This is absolutely not the time to say to people, we won’t give you decent social care, we won’t give you appropriate palliative care, But it is okay for a “doctor” to come and put you out of your misery. It wouldn’t be misery if we looked after people properly in the first place.”…..

I also sympathise with these comments on the same thread by Terri Selby :

”So sad that so few feel that ending suffering is much more of an answer to some of the terrible diseases I’ve witnessed people die of over my three decades as a nurse. Terrible disease happens: I have had cancer, but I do not want any of you coming at me with your lethal injections!!  Ending life just because health care professionals don’t look for alternative methods of managing pain and suffering is a lazy approach to ‘care’. Even more worrying is people who use religious terminology such as ‘I pray’ when talking about supporting euthanasia. If you have a religious faith, please look at what your faith teaches you about the sanctity of human life…Good palliative care and proper management of symptom control is key. Economically I agree, it would be useful to rid society of these god-dodgers who stay over their time. Also, those refuse to just do as they are told and stop being a nuisance should know when we’ve had enough of their illnesses that cost us tax-payers so much money. But – wait- why not just invest in enhancing people’s lives and develop good palliative care? Instead of it being a cinderella service why not make it a sexy politic hot topic?…. Stop this sleep walking to putting folk to sleep. There is NO DIGNITY IN DYING if we kill ourselves or others. We are talking about taking granny to the vets (believe me this will happen) and encouraging a new, very dehumanising zeitgeist to a very un-brave new world.”

Yet another contributor to the same Dignity in Dying  thread ( who will remain nameless ) talks about terminally ill patients ”taking up space and resources” . Well then, the logical conclusion is that they should all  just top themselves soon as possible, so that the Government can afford a few more Nuclear Missiles !  (Come to think of it, that may be EXACTLY what this is all about !)……

Let’s not mince words : we are talking about euthanasia here, a problematic subject with a dark history, and we must be very careful and circumspect before we change the current laws to give the State such power over life and death.

Quotes From Doctors Against Assisted Suicide

When a patient says, “Help me, doctor,” he is assuming that his doctor is on the side of his life. Doctors need to have a degree of humility and remember their Hippocratic Oath, that they should use no medications to cause death even when asked.

Euthanasia kills the patient twice – once when we say, “Yes, your life is not worth living,” and then when we help him die.

The law Is unnecessary and dangerous. You kill pain, not the patient.

Assisted suicide laws put pressure on our patients: The right to die can easily become the duty to die.