Debt Slavery

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Debt can never be repaid, so it forms the kernel of the modern State, and the new apparatus of repression. The system of endless monetary debt, precluding forever all prospect of its discharge, is to be mankind’s crushing fate. The aim of the State now is to make the glance recoil disconsolately from an iron impossibility.

The Earth becomes a madhouse.

A Few Quotes on Banking :

Manchester : ”Al-Qaeda Town UK”


Manchester bomber Salman Abedi

Anti-Gaddafi Libyans living in Manchester had been trained, armed and aided by Britain to wage jihad against the Gaddafi regime.
The level of responsibility that the UK Government must thus bear for turning Manchester into a hotbed of jihadism is, in a word, monumental.
Muammar Gaddafi warned in February 2011, shortly before his country was ruthlessly destroyed and he was himself brutally murdered ~ ”The Jihadists want to control the Mediterranean, and then they will attack Europe.”
But Britain not only did not listen, it did the opposite – and in the end British troops even guided the jihadists to Gaddafi’s hiding place, where they hacked him to pieces..

How the British Deep State Turned Manchester into Al-Qaeda Town UK

Terror in Britain: What Did the Prime Minister Know?

Muslims in Manchester did their civic duty by repeatedly reporting Abedi to the authorities, but the authorities apparently did nothing to actually stop him.

13 questions mainstream media should be asking about Salman Abedi

”The ‘smoking gun’ is that when Theresa May was Home Secretary, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) jihadists were allowed to travel unhindered across Europe and encouraged to engage in “battle”: first to remove Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, then to join al-Qaida affiliated groups in Syria.”

”The Libya that once boasted the highest level of development of any African nation, where the standard of education, housing, infrastructure, and health stood as a beacon in a region that has long laboured under the depredations and ravages of free market capitalism; the Libya that helped set up the African Union and invested billions in development projects throughout the African continent, working tirelessly for African unity – this Libya has been destroyed.”

5/22 : The Manchester Bomb

MANCHESTER BOMBFollowing a second emergency ”Cobra” meeting, Theresa May just said that police officers, who are currently guarding public offices, will be temporarily replaced by British Armed Forces personnel, adding that OperationTemperer was now in force. (No, I’ve never heard of it either, and a Google search reveals nothing). The plan apparently envisages the deployment of up to 5,000 soldiers on the streets of British cities. Armed forces would also boost security at ”key locations” and could also be deployed at ”public events such as concerts or sports competitions.”

The Manchester bomb not only killed innocent children, but also the Election debate, and at a critical point.

Theresa May was visibly rattled the previous day, and on the defensive because of her dementia tax U-turn and weak and wobbly leadership.

Today, anyone reading the Sun or the Mail will see little but hatred and vile innuendo against Jeremy Corbyn, attempting to brand him a “terrorist sympathiser” via the IRA in the eighties.

May’s lines now are easy :  “You need my strong, stable leadership to see us through these dark times”.

This is a tragedy for the country on more than one level. Young people and children murdered, and Labour losing any political traction it had now that the political process has halted.

Any hope of progress at this election has, I fear, now gone.

old tr

Was the fake bomb threat at Old Trafford one year ago a case of mere carelessness, or was it a psychological operation to prepare the British public for a future attack?

This article by Luis R. Miranda was published on May 16, 2016

Fake Bomb in Manchester: Psy-op or False-flag Attempt

Listening To The Generals


 ”Soon after Trump’s victory, I noted that everything would depend on how soon his election promises would be broken by the existing power machine. It took only two-and-a half months”
~ Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia, speaking yesterday.

Clearly, Trump is not in control of the agenda and has already backtracked on the most important theme of his campaign—cessation of interference in the affairs of other countries and peace with the thermo-nuclear powers.
Now he’s ”listening to his generals”….
Even the Pentagon would probably be reluctant to go to war with either Russia or China, but the monkey on its back – the military industrial complex – needs to have its periodic fix in order to sustain itself. Simply put, there is big, unaccountable money in war, or even just the shadow of it.



Cui Bono ?

nikki haley

Nikki Haley, United States’ Ambassador United Nations, shows pictures of Syrian victims of chemical attacks as she addresses a meeting of the Security Council on Syria at U.N. headquarters, Wednesday, April 5, 2017. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)  (The Associated Press)

Thanks to Russia’s limited intervention, Assad’s position in the civil war has gone from strength to strength. The military balance has swung dramatically in the government’s favour, while Trump has acknowledged that putting Syria into the hands of Wahabbist crazies would not be in the United States’ best interests, and said just days ago that the US will no longer go after President Assad as a war criminal.  Why then would Assad risk throwing all this away for the sake of a shocking and provocative, but militarily insignificant, chemical weapons attack ? It would be an act of the most extreme folly.

Ron-Paul-screencap-800x430 “Even if you take no sides, it doesn’t make sense for Assad under these conditions to all of a sudden use poison gas. I think there is zero chance that he would have done this deliberately.” ~ Ron Paul

craig murray  ”I am therefore for now unconvinced that this was a deliberate use of chemical weapons by Assad forces. I do not rule it out, but it would take much more concrete evidence than currently offered to prove they did something so strongly and obviously against their own interest. But western governments and media have determined to make that the narrative, so the truth is, as so often in modern geo-politics, entirely incidental to the course of future events.” ~ Craig Murray

livingstone  ”At the start of the Vietnam War, when I was 19, we were told that North Vietnamese ships had attacked an American ship and they started bombing North Vietnam. Three-and-a-half million Vietnamese died in the years that followed. And then 20 years later it comes out that that was all complete fiction – made up – and so I never rush to accept anything I’m told by America, it is all about American imperialism.” ~ Ken Livingtone

mailDeleted Daily Mail Online Article, (January 29, 2013) : “US Backed Plan for Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria to Be Blamed on Assad”

(link) :



Deep State. Deep Swamp.


The ‘Deep State’ is the pervasive engine of social, political and economic control, largely impervious to the views or demands of elected representatives, or the people.

Its dominance is achieved and perpetuated through its control of narratives, and the contingent monopoly of expertise and authority.

Once the legitimacy of the expertise and authority is questioned, control of the narrative itself is imperilled.

‘The Deep State’s dominant narratives are crumbling’ ~ article by Charles Hugh Smith

On four core issues : Trump = Obama = Bush = Clinton  

1) More war
2) Making the rich richer (Wall Street puppets)
3) Spying on American citizens
4) Supporting dictators who sponsor terrorism


Are there any significant changes in the United States under Trump?

Trump : War and Peace

Clearly, Trump is not in control of the most important part of his agenda—peace with the thermo-nuclear powers and cessation of interference in the affairs of other countries.

Even the Pentagon would probably be reluctant to go to war with either Russia or China, but the monkey on its back – the military industrial complex – needs to have its periodic fix in order to sustain itself. Simply put, there is big, unaccountable money in war, or even just the shadow of it; and war is not only a racket, but a psychopathic addiction,

The military/security complex is using its puppets in the House of Representatives and the Senate to generate renewed conflict with Iran and to continue threats against China.

And Trump cannot simultaneously make peace with Russia and make war on Iran and China.