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Yes Richard, it’s pretty easy to delude yourself into ”truly believing” that ”stuff” like money and material possessions don’t matter, when you’ve become a billionaire through buying up formerly public services from your Tory mates on the cheap, and then renting them back to the public at twice the price — ”a positive difference”, indeed 😦.

Branson’s companies are set up so that they pay no UK taxes, but continuously leech money, particularly from the NHS, to fund a billionaire lifestyle.

What an odious parasite. What a hypocrite !……..What a **** ‼️

Oh, and by the way, isn’t it a bit strange that Branson isn’t on the “climate emergency” bandwagon along with the Royals, the Rothschilds, and the rest of the Right-On liberal establishment ?

Er, no, not really…. In two words : Virgin Airlines 😂

The Self Has Become A Commodity

London__Westminster_-_Vauxhall_Bridge_Road_Pedestrian_Crossing_-_geograph.org_.uk_-_1739902-1304x400Every measure of mental ill health imaginable shows a society in freefall, not only making its citizens sicker but denying them the help to get better. That is unless your stated aim is to get back to work as quickly as possible. For soon there will be a Department of Work and Pensions employment advisor at your therapy centre, your GP, damn it probably your local supermarket if the Tories get their way. For what worth does anyone have if not to contribute to the job market ? …

The self has become a commodity, with simplified ideas from Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) used to inject into people the idea that they can and should be able to excise certain traits, emotions and behaviours for maximum marketability, be that on their CV or via Instagram hits. This responsibilisation and the pressure to display a positive mental attitude and upward trajectory creates casualties, for not all of us can succeed as measured according to neoliberal ideals.

Tackling the Mental Health Crisis Means Defeating Neoliberalism Once and For All

~ article by Jay Watts, Novara Media


The Acquisitive Self, Minus the Self

~ article by Natasha Vargas-Cooper (edited)rich

Thanks to the exhibition-friendly canons of social media, the scions of excess are back and flaunting it, baby—and it’s an entirely underwhelming display. These aren’t the out-of-sight rich but their twenty-something children, ‘funemployed’ trust-funders flouting their parents’ wealth-whispers code of silence. With acres of unproductive time on their hands, bored rich kids are using their gold-plated i-Phones to post images of their baubles of privilege, their chemical stimulants of preference, and their outlandish bar tabs on Instagram, the photo-sharing service of the moment…

“They have more money than you do and this is what they do,” goes the tagline of Rich Kids of Instagram (#RKOI for short.)

Around about the dozenth selfie featuring a buff and/or emaciated scion nestled into a private jet with a bottle of Cristal and a $10,000 clip of cash (“Always make sure to tip your pilot and co-pilot 10k. #rulesofflyingprivate”), you can’t help but wonder, “Is that all there is ?”…

Why should we look ? The pay-offs for the non-rich civilian viewer are oddly perfunctory. After all of the social mythologies we’ve lovingly constructed to envelop the delusions of the 1 percent, this is the lurid end-of-the-rainbow pay-off they’ve decided to lord over the rest of us—a fistful of watches, car interiors, and European spa photos…


FULL ARTICLE : https://thebaffler.com/salvos/acquisitive-self-minus-self

Media Zion

beeb zion

Tony Benn (aged 83) takes on BBC Zionism !

In April 2013, Danny Cohen was appointed Director of ‪‎BBC‬ Television. His remit includes BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4, all BBC Productions, BBC Films and BBC iPlayer. He is responsible for Drama, Comedy, Factual, and Entertainment.

While we have come to expect little else but lies and propaganda from BBC News, the Zionist Cohen is now overseeing a systematic degeneration and dumbing-down of TV ”entertainment” programming for us gentiles. We are now seen as effectively lobotomised sheep; slaves to be distracted, intellectually emasculated, neutralised and pacified.

It is not only the BBC which has fallen under Zionist domination. The other three major British television services ( ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 ) are similarly controlled.

Sky’s Rupert Murdochbelongs to, and has been honoured by, a number of leading Zionist organizations.





Every major Hollywood movie studio, including Disney, Warner Brothers / Time Warner, Sony, Paramount, Viacom, and Universal, is Jewish-owned and controlled.



Jewish hegemony in the music industry is universal and deeply entrenched:


TV Weapon of Mass Deception

CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, ESPN, Bloomberg, Associated Press, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times….. E! Entertainment, MTV, MCA, Google, Facebook ….I could go on…..


your news voltaire3

Vendredi Treize


We lose our capacity to create positive political solutions when we stop thinking critically and allow emotional identifications to herd us into factitious substitutes for solidarity and action.

We lose our ability to respond constructively to atrocity if we allow ourselves to see people not as individuals, but as symbols ~ where OUR solidarity, our eagerness to melt into a warm mindless oneness and feel we’re doing something, is contingent on YOUR involuntary solidarity, your losing who you really are in a menacing mass. We can’t stand together HERE unless we imagine you all together THERE in enmity.

Of course this suits the warmongers perfectly.

Changing avatars on social media is a feeble distraction from changing realities in society. To combat violence we must look unflinchingly at the palpable iniquities that breed it. Unfortunately they won’t be won’t be rectified by acts of courage on our computer screens that neither risk nor alter anything.




A Warning to Zionists

Facebook recently outlined new Community Standards, which replace the previous version. They state :

”We now make clear that not only do we not allow terrorist organisations or their members within the Facebook community, but we also don’t permit praise or support for terror groups or their acts or their leaders, which wasn’t something that was detailed before.”


israel is a terrorist state

The Lab / We make weapons

Apparently this film keeps getting deleted on Facebook. Could this be anything to do with what the former Israeli Defence Force (IDF) Head of Northern Command says (about 4min 25 sec into the video) at a conference for senior officers and arms manufacturers ?
This is an important documentary which goes to the heart of the Israeli/Zionist/Military-Industrial Axis.

truth will out

Nobody Expects The C of E Inquisition !



Church of England vicar Stephen Sizer is being forced to grovel big-time for posting the Wikispooks article “Israel Did 9/11 ” on Facebook . He has also now said that he will not use social media or blogs again “until further notice”…

Hmm, I wonder what form the ”adverse feedback” he received took, and who it came from ?

In any case, the guy has absolutely nothing to apologise for. The wretched rev was merely drawing attention to the logical conclusion of any forensic examination of the evidence available : – namely that 9/11 was a classic ”false-flag” operation, with Mossad’s dirty fingerprints all over it !    Heresy, maybe ?

”Israel’s fingerprints do indeed appear to be all over the events of 9/11. And judging by the Zionist state’s past behaviour, it should not come as a surprise to learn that 9/11 was in some way organized by Israel’s secret agencies who have on plenty of previous occasions executed false flag attacks aimed at framing their Arab/Muslim adversaries, thereby inducing adverse reactions towards their foes from the West……

How do we explain the mysterious acquisition of the entire World Trade Center complex by shady New York businessman Larry Silverstein six weeks before the attacks? The Jewish real estate magnate who weirdly “felt a compelling urge” to own the worthless, asbestos-laden Twin Towers happens to be a rabid Zionist with innumerable connections to Zionist lobbies, most notably the Israeli Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS) under whose auspices the Zionist neocons produced the “Clean Break” regime change manifesto. On top of that, Silverstein was a ‘personal friend’ of Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon, and had weekly conference calls with Netanyahu. Moreover, ‘Lucky Larry’ skipped out on a routine business meeting at the top of the North Tower (the first one hit) on 9/11, claiming a ‘miraculous’ intercession by his wife who insisted he attend a ‘doctor’s appointment’ instead. Silverstein’s business partner on the murky WTC deal, Frank Lowy, is likewise an ardent Zionist Jew who fought in Israel’s ‘war of ethnic cleansing’ and chairs multiple pro-Israel think tanks in Israel itself as well as in Australia where he acts as Tel Aviv’s pro-bono ambassador…….

Has there ever been a credible explanation as to why most of the ‘19 hijackers’ gained entry to America through a CIA ‘fast-tracking’ visa programme run out of a US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ?”  etc- http://nonalignedmedia.com/2015/01/israeli-false-flags-attack-rev-stephen-sizer/

Anyway, I am making NO apologies :

israel is a terrorist state


WhatsApp Facebook ?

WhattApp Facebook ?

I read somewhere that Facebook’s $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp priced each user of the smartphone app at $43. They paid for a company which does not carry advertising and charges its customers $1 per year after a free first year. Its users are its value as Facebook is now perceived as ‘something your grandparents use’ by those who really count to the corporation – young consumers of advertising who express themselves through brands & allegiances, and increasingly in private messaging in 140 characters or less…

Ludicrous New Year Facebook Post by the ‘Dalai Lama’

dalaiDalai Lama · 6,984,043 like this.

  • ‘I feel optimistic about the future because humanity seems to be growing more mature; scientists are paying more attention to our inner values, to the study of mind and the emotions. There is a clear desire for peace and concern for the environment.”


    Is this geezer living on the same planet as the rest of us ?

    At best these are dangerously complacent platitudes from the cuddly would-be theocrat and CIA stooge. More realistically they are symptomatic of a diversionary ‘feel -good’ agenda for which ‘His Holiness’ (LOL) with his 7 million ‘likes’ on facebook, is a useful tool….

    I urge anyone who has a sentimental wish to ”free Tibet” or restore its theocracy to read the history of the cruel and exploitative regime presented in the first article here….



    (Incidentally, the above comment and the two links I posted were deleted from his facebook page by the Dalai or his sycophantic acolytes, and I am blocked from making any further comment there…..)

    ….And if it is true that ‘‘ scientists are paying more attention to our inner values, to the study of mind and the emotions”, this is surely very worrying indeed … unless you are one of the corporate advertising executives or government propaganda apparachiks who sponsor such ‘research’ !