Vaccine Passports

More than 1,200 UK church leaders have urged Boris Johnson not to introduce Covid vaccine certificates, saying they are an “unethical form of coercion”. In an open letter, the leaders – who include Anglican and Catholic ministers – warn that passports could create a “surveillance state”.

So, it seems that church leaders get what the supposedly freedom-loving Tory government doesn’t. Vaccine passports are one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in British politics, and would signal the end of tolerant democratic freedom.

Bullying people to take the Covid vaccine – whether through incentives or punishments – is not social solidarity or social responsibility. It is a smug liberal conceit masquerading as those things, and is dangerously misguided.

Vaccine passports are not necessary, and are deeply discriminatory.

~ article by Jonathan Cook

The Sewell Report

The UK government’s report on race and ethnic disparities, led by Dr Tony Sewell, concluded that factors such as family dynamics, community culture, geography and especially social class are more influential than the existence of racism in determining life chances in modern-day Britain. While advancing the view that racism remains a ‘’real force in the UK’’, it – correctly – states that Britain has made considerable progress over the past 50 years when it comes to race relations. The report’s authors make the key point that they ‘’no longer see a Britain where the system is deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities’’.

In suggesting that economic factors such as class deserve more of society’s attention and resources than race, the Report of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities helps to expose the hollowness, divisiveness and the pretensions of the ‘woke’ identitarian agenda.

Dr Tony Sewell

Predictably, the report’s authors have been vilified, compared to Goebbels and denounced as token blacks and Uncle Toms – all for the crime of saying that Britain isn’t intrinsically evil.

”Class ? How dare you ?” says the dumb, metropolitan so-called left … 😳

Thou shalt not question “institutional racism

”There are many on the left old enough to recall anti-racism when its objectives were unifying, universal and anti-race. And many no doubt share the Sewell report’s stance. But they daren’t risk the wrath of the vocal and identitarian mob, so prevalent in the media and online, and thus remain silent. Given the vitriolic response to Sewell’s report, you can understand their silence.” ~ Adrian Hart

The Great Reset : ‘No pasarán’

The Great Reset; ‘No pasarán’ ~ article by Ghassan and Intibah Kadi

”Did the pre-COVID world need a reset ? Definitely. Many of its founding determinants have been based on injustice, shortsightedness, divisiveness, lack of good old values, the inability of being sustainable; just to name a few.When millions cannot find food to eat and clean water to drink yet others fly half the way across the world to attend a baby shower, something must be amiss and a reset is way overdue.

But what is it that the vision of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its ‘Bible’ (COVID-19 The Great Reset) have to offer in order to provide the world and future generations with a brighter new direction?

It doesn’t take long to see that within the WEF “Great Reset” … there are clear indications that what it is attempting to do is to create more compliant robotic individuals and draw the world and its population deeper into the abyss.”

Full Article : The Great Reset; ‘No pasarán’

Corbyn’s Expulsion : The Triumph of the UK’s Israel Lobby

Starmer’s removal of the party whip from Jeremy Corbyn for ”antisemitism” is scandalous, unjustified and unforgivable.

It is also an unmistakable indicator of the extent to which the Israel Lobby has penetrated English politics, and demonstrates its ultimate success in conflating anti-Zionism and the support of Palestinian rights with the bogus slur of antisemitism.

Bear in mind that the occupation of Palestinian territory and human rights violations by the Israeli State are illegal under international law. To shield a terrorist state by punishing criticism of it is , frankly, frightening for the future of morality and free speech in the UK.

Mass resignation from the Labour Party is the least that is now required.


Time to Stand Up and Be Counted  :

~ article by historian and former UK Ambassador Craig Murray

Today, nothing is more important than to say that we will not be silent on the dreadful oppression of the Palestinian people; the daily beatings, killings, humiliations, demolitions, expropriations and destruction of groves that are the concomitant of Israeli illegal occupation.

We will never be browbeaten into silence on the slow genocide of the Palestinian people.

Nobody with any grasp on the location of their right mind believes Jeremy Corbyn to be an anti-Semite. Nobody with any grasp on their right mind believes the Labour Party is now anything but the substitutes’ bench for the Neoconservative team. Under Keir Starmer, the Labour Party has failed to oppose the granting of legal powers to the security services to kill, torture, entrap, forge and fake with impunity. It has failed to oppose the limitation of prosecution of British soldiers for war crimes. The Labour Party now seeks to erase all trace that it might once have been a party that offered an alternative to the right wing security state.

As Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer pressurised Swedish prosecutors who wished to drop the case against Julian Assange, to persist in order that he might be rendered to the USA. He further persuaded them not to interview Julian here, which is standard practice when he was never charged but only wanted for questioning, and which would have reduced Julian’s ordeal by four years.

Starmer received £50.000 in personal donations from lobbyist Sir Trevor Chinn to fund his leadership bid.

It is perfectly plain that Starmer’s aim in suspending Corbyn is to drive the mass membership that Corbyn attracted out of the Labour Party, and make it a reliable arm of the right wing security state. He wants the Labour Party to be financially dependent not on its members, who have annoying principles, but on donors like Chinn.

The media and political elite have attained their aim; there is no longer any point in voting in Westminster elections. A right wing government supporting the neo-con status quo and the ever tightening security state is now firmly guaranteed and cannot be influenced by a Westminster election.

Labour : Emasculated

StarmerCorbyn_optI have been prepared to give Keir Starmer the benefit of my doubt that he could provide effective opposition to the appalling current UK government, but in the space of 24 hours all hope has been dissipated.

First the new Labour leader bowed down to the rampant Zionist lobby in the media – and all the main political parties – by issuing an ”unreserved apology” to former Labour staff members and to the fanatical anti-Corbyn campaigner John Ware, the journalist who presented the evidence-free Panorama programme on Labour’s alleged ‘anti-semitism’. He even agreed to pay “substantial damages” to Ware and to seven so-called ‘whistleblowers’ over “defamatory and false allegations” made following the programme.

(By the way, how often must it be repeated that criticism of Israel’s worst excesses is NOT anti-semitism ? )

Now, at PMQs today, Starmer has called for the news channel RT to be banned (it is already refused air-time by Richard Branson’s Virgin Media, which tells its own story). ‘Sir’ Keir told the Commons: “One way the Government can seek to clamp down on Russian influence is to prevent the spread of Kremlin backed disinformation.”

But RT is the UK’s most informative TV news channel, providing truthful, objective coverage of events and offering a platform to dissident voices like George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, Alex Salmond and others whose anti-neoliberal stance effectively disqualifies them from corporate media and that now abject government propaganda tool, the BBC.

There are even reports that Starmer is considering the removal of the Labour whip from Jeremy Corbyn, meaning that he would be booted out of the parliamentary party and become an independent MP.

I would hope for (and expect) a mass exodus of true radicals and socialists from the Party if he goes ahead with this, and Labour would deserve its subsequent marginalisation.

It’s apparent that Labour is now firmly in the grip of the Blairites and the Zionist lobby. Sad to say, as a vehicle for the progressive change and the new policies the UK so urgently needs, the once great Labour Party is now finished.

”Divide and Rule” has rarely been more subtle, or more effective

blm corporate

Some of the most vociferous proponents of ‘woke’ identitarianism are the most privileged beneficiaries of the neoliberal status quo : corporations, the political, cultural and media elites – even (give me strength) the Royal Family.

Far from challenging the establishment, wokeness has become a means through which the establishment is able to reinvent itself. Corporations and public figures are falling over themselves to gain ‘woke’ points by engaging in empty, superficial gestures which win social validation – and accumulate capital – while real, urgent, systemic social injustices remain unaddressed and unsolved.

”Divide and Rule” has rarely been more subtle, or more effective.

In defence of colour-blindness

inaya2 ~ article by Inaya Folarin Iman ☑️

”Contrary to past anti-racist arguments, many today argue that we should  judge people by their race, emphasise racial difference and think along racial lines. And no, this isn’t just the far right – this is what is being put forward by a toxic strand of the new left, woke identitarianism. This illiberal, intolerant ideology is at odds with the universalist, humanist goal of a colour-blind society. It is a disempowering, backward-looking movement….

The current obsession with race often means we are missing the true dynamics in society. Class, for instance, plays a major role in social outcomes, but discussion of it is rare. There are many white working-class people, particularly in the provinces, who do not feel they have benefited from ‘white privilege’. Indeed, they would argue that they are far from privileged. Do their ‘lived experiences’ count?”


Wokeness and Neoliberalism

”We really should stop seeing ‘Wokeness’ or ‘Political Correctness’, or any other aspect of the so-called New Left as being left-wing at all.

‘Wokeness’ is a key part of the neoliberal drive against social solidarity. Wokeness makes a virtue of the atomisation that is a key feature of life in capitalist society.

Wokeness doesn’t challenge the individuation and corrosion of social solidarity that neoliberal society brings about. It simply repackages it as PC and celebrates it. It commodifies our atomisation and sells it back to us as right-on politics.

Far from being a new kind of leftism, the woke ideology is really the militant wing of neoliberalism. It is a campaigning arm of the neoliberal outlook. This is why woke activists and big business make such comfortable bedfellows. Banks and hedge funds and other capitalist outfits love to adorn their buildings in the Pride flag. These days there are really only two places where you see woke nonsense in action : among the trendy, supposedly leftist political class, and in the capitalist class. These people profess to hate each other, but in truth they have a shared outlook…

The bravest and most ambitious political parties today will completely oppose the anti-community, anti-democratic, anti-solidarity, anti-freedom outlook of the woke elites and the business elites. and seek to provide people with that sense of collective belonging and collective influence that they are crying out for. A free and democratic and connected society – that is what we need now.”

~ extract from a speech by Brendan O’Neill at the annual party conference of the SDP, 28/09/2019,  (edited).

The Masses and the Classes


I see that Liverpool University have just agreed to rename Gladstone Hall because he (quote) ”fell short of wholeheartedly fighting for the abolition of slavery”, and because Gladstone’s father was a slave owner.

To vilify Britain’s most progressive 19th century Prime Minister, a vehement anti-imperialist who proposed home rule for Ireland,  laid the basis of the welfare state,  and vastly extended voting rights, amongst many other important reforms, is beyond ignorant.

Sadly, these ‘woke’ students and academics fall a long way short too – not least in their capacity for joined-up critical thought and historical perspective.


”All the world over, I will back the masses against the classes”. ~ William Ewart Gladstone


….and a  thought on Edward Colston.

Colston’s involvement in slavery was as a director of the Royal African Company. The ‘Royal’ in that title is not meaningless. The company was set up specifically to make the monarch rich. A far more practical way to honour the memory of the slaves would be to abolish the monarchy. Now that would be a meaningful action.

”The word “slavery” conjures up images of shackles and transatlantic ships – depictions that seem relegated firmly to the past. But more people are enslaved today than at any other time in history. Slaves clean houses and flats; produce the clothes we wear; pick the fruit and vegetables we eat; trawl the seas for the shrimp on our restaurant plates; and dig for the minerals used in our smartphones, makeup and electric cars…..”

~ article by Kate Hodal

slavery map

BBC : The British Brainwashing Corporation



Why should anyone pay a licence fee while the last vestiges of intelligence and integrity are being stripped from schedules to provide extra funding for celebrity trash and pernicious brain-rotting garbage ?

Why should anyone pay a licence fee when BBC News has all but abandoned analytical journalism, as well as its much-vaunted ”impartiality”, to become little more than the propaganda arm of the neoliberal establishment and its tedious and hypocritical ”political correctness” agenda ?

Why should we pay a licence fee when It’s apparent that we are viewed as successfully lobotomised sheep, or rather as obedient slaves to be distracted, propagandised, intellectually emasculated, neutralised and pacified ?

bbc bullshit


Lockdown Deaths : ”An irony to top all others”


~ article by Brendan O’Neill

”Around half of beds in some English hospitals are currently empty.

Health officials fear, in the words of the Financial Times, that this is because ‘people may be failing to seek help for life-threatening conditions during the coronavirus pandemic’….

More people are dying of non-coronavirus-related illnesses than normal because they are reluctant to leave their homes and be a burden on their local hospital.. There has been a sharp rise in the number of seriously ill people dying at home….

In the UK we are locked down and we are ferociously told, in particular by the media class, not to go outside. Don’t be a pest, don’t be anti-social, don’t be a burden. At the same time, the NHS has been sanctified almost as a new religion and we are instructed every single day by political leaders to ‘Save the NHS’. If in this climate people are getting the message that it is immoral to leave your home and even more immoral to pester the saints of the NHS, that is not at all surprising..

It seems particularly irresponsible for the media constantly to share clips of doctors and nurses in floods of tears over how difficult their daily work is. Nobody doubts that it is difficult, and everyone is grateful for what they are doing. But the dangerous message communicated here is: we can’t cope. Stay Home, Save The NHS, Don’t Bother These Stressed Doctors …

The supposedly virtuous pro-lockdown lobby is implicitly making a ‘trade-off’… between lives at risk from Covid and lives at risk from the lockdown. They have decided, it seems, that the latter are not very important.”

Full article :


A cure worse than the disease: UK lockdown could cause 150,000 ‘avoidable’ deaths, MORE than the virus it’s meant to stop

~ article by Peter Andrews

”The cause of the non-Covid deaths will be varied, from cancer sufferers and other seriously ill people not getting treatment, from people avoiding going to hospitals (visits to accident and emergency units are down by a third), from an increase in suicides among depressed people forced to self-isolate and from the effects of increased domestic abuse….

So how exactly could the lockdown kill people? The first and most obvious way is in the almost total overnight cessation of normal healthcare measures. If you are sick right now, unless you can test positive for coronavirus, then healthcare systems do not want to know about you. In anticipation of a crisis in public hospitals and a rush on limited intensive care units, hospitals were more or less cleared out in preparation for the coronavirus…..

When all is said and done, more people could actually have died as a result of the lockdown measures than from Covid-19-related complications. That would be an irony to top all others.”

Full article :


~ article by Dr Malcolm Kendrick

”The focus, the entire focus, has been to clear patients out of hospitals, waiting for the deluge of patients. This has been so effective that, in my area of Macclesfield in Cheshire, the local hospitals have never been so empty.

There are wards with no patients in them. The shiny new Nightingale hospital in London, with four thousand beds, apparently had just nineteen patients in it last weekend. Yet still the pressure comes down : get patients out of hospital and back into care homes…..

The actions taken, so far, have made the problem far, far, worse. All the thinking and resources have been directed to the NHS. Meanwhile, the residents and the staff of nursing homes have been, effectively, thrown in front of a bus. On Thursdays, while others have been clapping the NHS, I have been clapping for the unsung heroes of this epidemic. The care home staff.”

Full article :

In an earlier article Dr Kendrick wrote :  ”I care for patients in intermediate care, two of whom we sent to hospital last week, with non-Covid related illness. They were both sent straight back, they both died. They were elderly, they were ill, but in normal circumstances they would have been admitted and, hopefully, successfully treated.”

Full article :


Primum Non Nocere


To the infinite shame of the UK Government – and yes, the ‘sacred’ NHS – some elderly people are now being handed documents by their doctors (who are, incidentally, bound by their oath to “Do No Harm”), and are being ‘invited’ to sign them. On inspection, these documents declare nothing less than that the patient does not wish to be resuscitated should they become unconscious from the coronavirus.

This ‘initiative’ is not only distressing to the patients who receive the documents, and unethical, but arguably unlawful : another hidden euthanasia, by any other name.