Jill Dando : Justice Denied

jill dando

Was the brutal execution of Jill Dando, 17 years ago this week, linked to a VIP paedophile ring which was operating within the BBC, Parliament, the Royal Palaces, and beyond ? Was the ‘unsolved’ murder ordered by the highest echelons of the British Establishment once it became clear that she had evidence of the ring and was about to expose it ? Was Jill Dando shot in the head at point-blank range to silence her, and also to serve as a warning to other journalists – to keep their mouths shut ?


LINKS : http://google-law.blogspot.com/2013/07/jill-dando-murdered-by-state-to-keep.html

3/22 : A Question

westminster attack

Why do the authorities not do everything possible to capture the terrorist alive, in order to interrogate him and take down his terror network ?

When perpetrators are summarily executed with no attempt made to save their lives so they can be interrogated, one can only suspect that they are being silenced.

Seriously: How hard would it be to kneecap or otherwise incapacitate a guy with a knife ?


Worst Year Ever ?


It seems to be the fashion, especially among the young, naive and imperfectly educated, to describe 2016, ludicrously, as ”the worst ever year”.

Even the latest TV ad for the de-sensitizing brainwash ‘game’ Call of Duty cynically makes use of this grossly flawed (and self-righteous) interpretation of events. Presumably the reference is to Brexit and Trump, two historic blows delivered by ordinary voters to the neo-liberal, corporatist establishment. Now protesters are on the street, ridiculously demonstrating – against what ? – absurdly, against the democratically-expressed dissatisfaction of austerity-hammered people !

What a testament to the efficiency of neo-liberal brainwashing it is, that well-meaning people actually feel moved to protest against, of all things, a predominantly working-class, grass-roots rejection of the kleptocratic elite’s globalist, neo-feudal agenda.

”Those protesting and rioting right now because they are more concerned about Donald Trump’s words and rhetoric, but cannot find it amidst their crocodile tears and their myopic self-absorbed selective moral outrages to even have an iota of anger at Hillary Clinton’s track-record of actual murderous policies, are seriously indicative of some of what’s wrong with the state of modern America, and the bankruptcy of their own ideology whose outer rhetorical shell masks the inherent reality of their own paternalistic racism, “humanitarian” militarism and bourgeois trendy consumerism.” ~ (Brandon Martinez, Non-Aligned Media)

”Unelectable” : Jeremy Corbyn and the 76%


People have a tendency to accept media opinion as public opinion and then repeat it as fact. So they repeat that Jeremy Corbyn is “unelectable”, simply because they’ve been told so often that he is. The truth is that in the new language of corporate power a candidate is described as ”unelectable” simply when it is found that he cannot be bought.
The establishment media also consistently repeat the fallacy that “the Labour Party needs to attract Tory voters back to Labour”. But this is not actually true, not even close. At the last election, just 24% of the electorate voted Conservative, while 76% did not. It is thus by no means impossible that Labour could easily win the next election by gathering votes only from the 76% who voted for other parties or abstained.
The establishment knows this, and they are running scared, so I don’t think they’ll be dropping the ”unelectable” mantra, – or the smear campaign – any time soon….

Brexit and Neo-Feudalism

There was a fundamental flaw in the fear-mongering logic of the Remain campaign – namely that scaring deprived communities with economic uncertainty simply would not work when they had lived with economic uncertainty for over 30 years.
In communities where self-employed tradesmen have not given themselves a pay rise for fifteen years; where the minimum wage is the maximum wage for many, and zero hour contracts offer zero security to others – try explaining to these people that the EU ”protected their employment rights”.
In Britain today, 63 per cent of poor children grow up in families where at least one family member is working. For them, the poverty trap has already closed. A recent study found that more than 600,000 residents of Britain’s second city, Greater Manchester, are “experiencing the effects of extreme poverty.”
The profoundly undemocratic EU has become essentially a mechanism of capitalistic entrenchment, social injustice, austerity, bankers’ hegemony and endemic indebtedness — the virulent extremism known as “Neoliberalism”, or as I prefer to call it : Neo -Feudalism.

Why the British said no to Europe

john pilger by John Pilger : https://mpbondblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/26/deal-with-it/


The Chilcot Inquiry

The Chilcot Inquiry has found that : having lied to Parliament about the threat of WMD, Blair then invaded Iraq before peaceful options had been exhausted, with no plan for the aftermath of regime change, and inadequate military preparation.

179 British soldiers – and at least 150,000 Iraqis – paid the heaviest price for this narcissist’s fatal lack of judgment and his abject servility to the oil- and plunder-hungry US war machine fronted by George W Bush.
Far from being misled by ”flawed” intelligence – (it was actually fabricated to order) – or merely incompetent, Blair’s actions were entirely volitional and frankly criminal. He should, of course, now be arrested to face trial, along with those in MI5 and the intelligence service who were complicit in the deception and lies…..but don’t hold your breath…. The Inquiry was set up in such away that no legal outcome will follow.

Jeremy Corbyn :   Chilcot statement in Parliament (video)

‘…the decision to invade Iraq on what was clearly flawed intelligence about weapons of mass destruction (WMD) has led to a fundamental breakdown of trust in politics and in our institutions of government. While the governing classes got it so horrifically wrong, many people got it right….”

….So, enough of this ”with the benefit of hindsight” bullshit from Jack Straw, Alastair Campbell and the rest, please….


Stomach-turning BBC brainwash from April 9, 2003 – the day Baghdad was formally occupied by US/British forces. It is representative of much of the pitiful ”journalism” that surrounded the war.



The truth is that the Chicken Coup‬ was staged not because the Blairites think Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t win the next election….

It was because they fear he could.



The campaign to ‪#‎KeepCorbyn‬ is NOT (or should not be) about him as an individual.

It is an acknowledgement that this attempted coup by a coalition of media pundits and disgruntled MPs is a concerted attack on ALL and ANY who challenge the neoliberal orthodoxy.

The coup coalition may yet fail.

The Labour Party should then ditch the Blairites at the earliest opportunity. If they then wish to form their own pro-EU, pro-Austerity party to challenge Labour at the polls – then so be it. Good luck to them – they’ll need it !


Sometimes a photograph can tell you a lot about a person.

corbyn bus

This was Jeremy  Corbyn last week, not in a Rolls Royce or other fancy car, but rather on a public bus home, looking tired after a long day of campaigning.

He has the lowest expenses of any Parliamentarian and lives by the very principles he talks about, unlike most politicians, including the 172 MPs who stabbed him in the back.

172 knives …. and still standing !

~ (photo by Almar Alam)