Labour and Anti-Semitism (~continued~)


Don’t accuse people of anti-semitism when they criticize Israel,”  urged Jewish activist Leah Levane at the Labour Party conference yesterday.

The taboo against anti-semitism is being fraudulently and shamelessly exploited by four distinct, but overlapping, groups, all of whom will lose out if Jeremy Corbyn’s progressive ambitions for the Labour Party are successful.
1) The Conservative Party, who are attacking Labour at what is seen as its weakest point, while directing attention away from the Tories’ internal tensions and unpopular policies;
2) The BBC and mainstream media, now largely controlled by Zionists;
3) Pro-Israel activists, who wish to unseat Corbyn, the most prominent critic of Israel, and to discredit Palestine Solidarity activism;
4) The Blairite Labour Right, which hopes to weaken a popular grass-roots movement which has, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, wrested control of the Party from them.
But, as the above clip from this week’s Labour Conference shows, anti-Zionist Jews in the Labour Party just ain’t buying any of their nonsense. Go girl ! 😂

Israel constantly uses the ‘anti-semitism’ slur to block any meaningful discussion about Palestine. The reason anti-semitism is used is that the Israelis know perfectly well that they have NO valid argument with which to otherwise defend their colonial apartheid state – unless you count the racist ranting of their ”God” 3000 years ago, that is .

Miko Peled tells a fringe meeting at the Labour Party conference that Israel will do everything it can to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM :


The Other 9/11


Exactly 44 years ago the USA orchestrated a violent coup d’etat against the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile, and imposed a brutal Neo-liberal regime led by Augusto Pinochet.

To say that Neo-Liberalism had a painful birth in Chile would be an understatement. During General Pinochet’s ruthless dictatorship over 3,000 people were “disappeared” (captured and tortured to death) whilst another 28,000 were detained without trial, most of them suffering torture and in many cases sexual abuse. Aside from those tortured and killed, and the families that survived them, other victims of this savage US-backed dictatorship included protesters who were burned alive in the streets by police, and musicians who had their fingers broken before being machine gunned to death.

1973 ~  The Other 9/11

Those who are unaware of the details about Pinochet’s blood-soaked two-decade reign should read about them, but take care not to eat beforehand.

He was a merciless overseer of torture, rapes and thousands of political executions. He had the hands and wrists of the country’s greatest folk singer Victor Jara broken in front of a crowd of prisoners before killing him. He had democratically elected Socialist President Salvador Allende shot dead at his desk. His specialty was torturing people in front of their families. As Naomi Klein has written so expertly in The Shock Doctrine, he then used this period of shock and slaughter to install a nationwide laboratory for neoliberal economics. If Pinochet’s friend Milton Friedman had a theory about cutting food subsidies, privatizing social security, slashing wages or outlawing unions, Pinochet would apply it.

The results of these experiments became political ammunition for neoliberal economists throughout the world, including Britain.

Pinochet was in charge of this human rights catastrophe. And yes, he was also someone who Margaret Thatcher called a friend. She stood by the General even when he was in exile, attempting to escape justice for his crimes. She said to Pinochet, “Thank you for bringing democracy to Chile.” Thatcher’s government directly supported Pinochet’s murderous regime, financially, via military support, even military training, which we know now took place in Dundee University.

The Shock Doctrine

Film by Michael Winterbottom, based on Naomi Klein’s terrifying book ”The Shock Doctrine : the Rise of Disaster Capitalism’’

Every September memorials are held for the 9/11 attacks in the US. Yet few recall the far more destructive 9/11 that occurred 28 years before.

Korea Amnesia

Dropping Bombs

US Air Force B-29 Superfortresses dropping bombs during the Korean War. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

The mainstream media find it easy to mock North Korea’s paranoia and belligerence.

But they rarely remind us that In the 1950s the USA dropped 635,000 tonnes of bombs on North Korea, including 32,000 tonnes of napalm.

America killed approximately 20% of the North Korean population in those years.

It should not be surprising that this devastating assault resulted in a xenophobic, American-hating state obsessed with developing powerful weapons to ensure national survival. But in order to justify war, the existence of the Kim Jong-un regime is presented by politicians and the media as an inexplicable and eccentric manifestation of ”evil”.

That is to willfully ignore history. And tragically, that is now the norm for Western media.


korea war

Carthago Delenda Est


When Vladimir Putin was elected President of Russia in 2000, the nation owed $16 billion to the International Monetary Fund, and its debt to the Rothschild-controlled ‪‘’Paris and London Club Of Creditors’’ was over $36 billion.

Since then, at the same time as fully repaying these debts, Russia has written off a large part of the debt developing countries owed to it. In total, Russia has forgiven more than $100 billion in debt owed by developing countries (including Cuba, Iraq, North Korea, and much of Africa) over the past decade.

This is the REAL reason the global banking elite and their puppet governments in the West demonize Putin — Russia has effectively escaped the clutches of their rapacious hegemony and neo-liberal austerity doctrine, restored its own national financial sovereignty, and set the ‘dangerous’ precedent of unilaterally writing off unpayable or crippling debt.

Carthago delenda est.

Russia pays off balance of Soviet Union’s foreign debt





Big Liz : A Pirate Ship


So the global financial elite parade their latest toy, the Royal Navy’s ‘newest and biggest’ ship HMS Queen Elizabeth which berthed in Portsmouth this morning.

‘Spectacular’, ‘mighty’, ‘astonishing’ – drool the lackeys in the BBC and the ”newspapers”, but this charmless heap of floating steel In no way represents the British public. The flag of piracy would be more appropriate.

​Aircraft carriers are tools of offensive war and ​HMS Queen Elizabeth will be of no use whatsoever ​in dealing with the security threats that we really do face.

And at a time when public services are being decimated by cuts, ​one ​might have​ expected​ greater scrutiny over the construction of this £3 billion-pound killing machine – which is not even fit for purpose. It’s a bomb magnet, vulnerable to attack by unsophisticated missile systems available to all ”our” enemies, including Yemen. On the eve of the unveiling, an amateur drone enthusiast managed to fly a £300 drone onto the carrier’s deck. It is astonishing, laughable indeed, that such an expensive ship ​does​ not have defences ​against​ such transgressions. If it is as ‘state-of-the-art’ as we are led to believe, how could it be breached so easily by a member of the public ? It is in fact a white elephant that will be militarily redundant even before it is fully equipped (for another £3 billion, incidentally).

Admiral Sir Philip ‘Jingo’ Jones, the head of the Royal Navy, said at today’s ceremony : “In the years and decades to come, she and her sister ship will demonstrate the kind of nation we are – not a diminished nation, withdrawing from the world, but a confident, outward-looking and ambitious nation, with a Royal Navy to match.”

Fuck off.

Age of Decadence

Legalised fraud, bail-outs, and plutocracy.

Poverty, apathy, and celebrity chefs :

FOUR HORSEMEN  is an outstanding documentary film analysing our critically sick Age of Decadence.


As everybody knows – or should know –  the divide between the super-rich and the rest has widened each year since the last financial crisis.

But this disconnection is about much more than just money.

The rich are in the process of purposefully detaching themselves – even fencing themselves off – from the everyday struggles facing millions of their fellow citizens. Instead of recognizing the urgency of the current situation. and possibly saving themselves by contributing to solutions that benefit society as a whole, their focus has instead shifted towards a hedonistic indulgence in the present, and the relentless expansion of their own luxury and extravagance.

This futile, hubristic, self-centered and amoral ethos has emerged with tragic regularity throughout history – and most typically, always when decadent empires begin to crumble.

Hasta la victoria siempre !


~ article by John Rohn Hall :

”The Choice: Traitor to Empire, or Traitor to Mankind”…/the-choice-traitor-to-empir…/

”I envy you. You North Americans are very lucky. You are fighting the most important fight of all. You live in the belly of the beast.” ~ Dr. Ernesto “Che” Guevara

A birth certificate from somewhere between the beast’s belly and its beating heartland condemns me to the dubious distinction of being among the privileged 5% of humans who claim United States Citizenship. A population which demands the right to consume 25% of earth’s resources while billions of our fellow-humans go hungry. A shame it was wasted on me, for I’ve never been one to make my country proud. Basically, I’ve always been a bad American. Cases in point: I never stand for The Star-Spangled Banner, nor do I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of Retroperistalsis. I no longer believe in, nor vote in sham, mockery-of-democracy U.S. elections. I make no investments in Wall Street, for fear of inadvertently supporting The Military-Industrial Complex. If I happen to turn on the evening so-called news, I can’t resist calling Lester Holt “America’s House Negro”, for Holt’s Nightly Lies loudly confirm what Chris Hedges tells us: “No real journalist makes $5 million a year…Those in power fear and dislike real journalists.” And I pray regularly to whatever gods may be that Empire dies with a whimper, rather than a bang…and soon. There is little doubt that I am, and have for many years, been a traitor to Empire and its agendas of Neo-colonialism and wars for profit.

Fifty years ago, while Che Guevara was being summarily executed by the C.I.A. and its Bolivian Military stooges, my lifelong battle against Empire was just beginning. Che’s last words were some of the most prophetic ever spoken, as he looked his assassin in the eyes and said: “Shoot coward. You are only going to kill a man.” Only the good die young, they say. It is said that Che is much more powerful in death than he was in life, as a half century later, his legacy lives on and grows. Two years after his demise, he’d lit fire of discontent beneath a whole generation of Americans, and stood posthumously by my side as I gave the U.S. Army my very best middle-fingered salute, thereby refusing induction into the most over-funded, offensive, aggressive, killing force the world has ever known.

My neighbors and acquaintances are not evil or bad people. They’re simply oblivious to what George Carlin lovingly called “the big red, white, and blue dick” being shoved up their asses by the likes of Lester Holt and his cadres in criminal propaganda on a nightly basis. Americans are to be pitied for their willful ignorance. If I were a Christian, I’d ask God to forgive them, for they’re a bunch of clueless jackasses who know not what they do. But not being a believer in the imaginary bearded man in the stratosphere, I write. Not that I have any delusions of being omniscient, but my moderate level of enlightenment has been reached, one step at a time, one book or article at a time, and Che’s sword is now my pen. Che’s rifle, my Hewlett-Packard. The pen (in certain circumstances) is mightier than the sword. If Che had fought the Revolution, in the belly of the beast, with bullets, he would have been eliminated long before 1967. Lucky for me, thus far, Empire only executes the highest-level truth-talkers and traitors to the Military-Industrial agenda.

NBC demoted Brian Williams for the high crime of telling his own personal lies, instead of just the official ones, then replaced him with Mr. Holt. I’d seriously doubt whether either of these corporate whores, or any of their collaborating competitors give a rat’s ass whether their thousand-dollar-a-sentence blather bears any resemblance to the truth. Truth is the enemy of the overlords they serve, and has no place in the nightly news agenda, nor in any facet of Empire’s Disinformation Network. Truthful coverage of Empire’s latest wars for profit: Forbidden. Questioning the basic good intentions of our exceptional government: Not allowed. Tow the line, learn and regurgitate the fabrications du jour, read all recent directives from the C.I.A., keep your nose clean, your Armani Suit pressed, and God Bless America.

My insouciant neighbors and acquaintances have never heard of Noam Chomsky, and know nothing of Manufactured Consent. They have never seen a copy of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of The United States. They have no idea that “War (really) is a Racket” (Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler). They’d likely not even blink an eye at the atrocities wrought against the Southern half of The Western Hemisphere by the U.S.A. and its European counterparts, as artfully reported by Eduardo Galeano in Open Veins of Latin America. Hugo Chavez gave a copy to Barack Obama shortly before his mysterious and suspicious demise. Too bad Barack never read it. Not that he would have cared, being well programmed by the C.I.A.

When I’ve tried to explain to mainstream Americans the dastardly scheming of the C.I.A. in foreign countries; its economic hit men and jackals, bribery, coup d ‘etat, assassination, and finally bombs and bullets…as exposed by ex-C.I.A. Operative John Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, the responses are glazed, dazed expressions. I might as well be talking to four-year-olds when explaining that 9-11 was an inside job, as proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by such sources as Michael C. Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon, or that the C.I.A. and other branches of our government eliminated J.F.K. for choosing the path of peace, as explained by James W. Douglass in his masterpiece, J.F.K. and the Unspeakable. The subtitle of the J.F.K. volume is “Why He Died and Why it Matters”, but what really matters to my adult four-year-olds is whatever professional gladiator games happen to be in season.

Americans don’t want to hear that “terrorism” is nothing but the direct result of Empire’s overreach and military incursions into every little resource-rich, under-militarized country on earth. Who, outside a few conspiracy theorists like me could give a shit about Chalmers Johnson’s trilogy, which includes “Blowback”, and exposes The U.S. Military’s Empire of Bases and aspirations for complete world domination? If I happen to mention The Great American Holocaust (the most deadly in earth’s history), as graphically illuminated in Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s An Indigenous Peoples’ History of The United States, in oblivious company, white faces gaze at me in wonder…wondering why I’d care about the slaughter of a few tens of millions of inferior beings. One of the biggest secrets in the U.S.A. is the mystery of the most enduring, morally upstanding, and advanced civilization in earth’s history; a story expertly told by my friend Jeff J. Brown in China Rising: Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations. After 100 years under the heavy hand of Empire, the sleeping dragon is once again rising. Empire knows it…thus the so-called Pivot to Asia Strategy, and another $60 billion gift for The Pentagon.

The few of us who’ve come to understand the intrinsic evil, and violence on every level, of the United States of America, reach a point where a choice must be made. As U.S. Citizens, we can choose denial and ignore our own enlightenment, thus remaining part of the problem. Or we can cross The Rubicon, as Caesar did, and by doing so becoming traitors to Empire, enemies of the state, and strangers in our own land. If we choose the latter, alea iacta est; the die is cast, and there is no going back. Ignorance may be bliss, but the truth shall set ye free.

Empire is on a collision course with destiny. It’s a runaway train, carrying enough Weapons of Mass Destruction to turn our fading blue planet into shades of smoldering gray, and end life on earth as we know it. Never underestimate the blind, ignorant greed and mindless dreams of dominance of the sociopaths in the cab of Empire’s Engine. You know it. I know it. We are soldiers in Empire’s Underground Army, armed only with words, ideas, brilliance, open eyes, and hope. Those bearing arms need not apply. The battlefield of this war is for the minds of the insouciant. Somehow we must awaken an entire population which only pretends to sleep, and has no interest in buying what we’re selling. Always remember how lucky we are. We’re fighting the most important fight of all. Here in the belly of the beast.

Hasta la victoria siempre !”