I will not sign


Petition : Call for the UK government to formally recognise the State of Palestine

I will not sign.

Sadly, there is no Palestinian state to recognize, within the 1967 or any other borders. These petitions achieve nothing and merely serve to delay the long-overdue death of the so-called ”two-state solution”, the illusion of which has guaranteed Israel’s survival as a Jewish racist state for decades.

Crucially, such token ‘recognition’ accepts Israel’s survival in its current racist form, and even aims to impose  arrangements that prevent Israel’s collapse.

Well-meaning liberals and progressives, inside Israel and outside, who advocate a ”Two-State” solution are choosing to ignore an alternative, based on the principle of equality for all, on the separation of state from religion, and on an end to discrimination and racial apartheid — a One-State Solution : Liberated Palestine !

The Terrorist State

egypt prisoners 1967

Ever since its formation in 1948, the state of Israel’s behaviour towards its Arab neighbours, and the inhabitants of the territories it occupies, has consistently been characterised by a level of inhumanity and depravity more egregious than is considered ”normal” even in conditions of war — whether it be killing unarmed demonstrators, journalists and medics in Gaza, torturing and sexually harassing Palestinians in Israeli prisons [ https://www.thejerusalemfund.org/…/sexual-harassment-and-vi… ], imprisoning children, deliberately bombing civilians – or here in this photograph from the 1967 war, humiliating Egyptian prisoners by removing their clothes and force-marching them in their underwear before killing them.

israel is a terrorist state

The current relentless attempts to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-semitism must never be allowed to succeed, or justice for the Terrorist State’s countless victims over the decades will never be served.

Zionism and Judaism


To those who say “I oppose Zionism, not Judaism.” :

Consider this passage from the Old Testament (Torah). Is it not an accurate description of what is happening today ?

“I will establish your borders from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, and from the desert to the Euphrates River. I will give into your hands the people who live in the land, and you will drive them out before you. Do not make a covenant with them or with their gods.” – Exodus 23:31-32

And this :

“See, I have given you this land. Go in and take possession of the land the Lord swore he would give to your fathers — to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — and to their descendants after them.” – Deuteronomy 1:8

More detail on the borders of the ”Chosen People”s promised land is supplied in Genesis 15: 18-21, and Numbers chapter 34.

Zionism is not a ‘politicization’ or ‘distortion’ of Judaism. It is a revival of –  or reversion to,  – its essence.

Atheistic Jews like Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein understand this, but many well-meaning liberals and progressives choose to make an erroneous distinction between Zionism and Judaism.

Note : While one could also characterise the Hasidic sects as anti-Zionist, they are for the most part militantly apolitical and marginalised within the Israeli State. They are however every bit as Jewish-supremacist as the dominant non-semitic Ashkenazi.


”Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of the surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker states”



The Zionist Plan for the Middle East : Greater Israel and the ”Yinon Plan” http://www.globalresearch.ca/greater-israel-the-zionist-plan-for-the-middle-east/5324815

Zionism and Austerity : The double-headed Beast of Prey https://mpbondblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/19/the-balfour-declaration/


Corbyn’s Secret Weapon : Telling the Truth


Against all the odds, it is now looking possible, even likely, that Jeremy Corbyn will win the leadership election, and rescue the Labour Party from its decades-long hijacking by Tory-Lite careerist placemen (and women), obsessed with superficiality, spin and ”message-management.”.

Corbyn may lack ”charisma” – and even a decent suit – but he employs a secret weapon : it’s called telling the Truth.

*       *       *

Corbyn on Iraq : ”It was an illegal war… If he (Bliar) has committed a war crime, yes, he should face trial. Everybody who has committed a war crime should.”

On Palestine :

”Half a million people are now settlers all across the West Bank. Travelling around the West Bank is travelling through an occupied land where the best land and the best water are taken by the settlers, the red-roofed buildings are built increasingly over Palestinian land, and the massive concrete wall snakes around the place… That wall divides farmers from their land, divides people from their water, divides children from their schools, and makes travelling impossible. There has to be not just an end to the settlement policy but an end to the settlements. They have to go; they have to be withdrawn if there is to be any peace settlement.” ✌

”Israel’s pursuit of a shoot to kill policy against Hamas and other Palestinian groups is a brutal as it is wrong. To kill an old man in a wheel chair with a pinpoint accuracy weapon is not a sign of strength and efficiency but of weakness. A policy that has failed, and will fail, cannot bring peace or security to Israel or justice for the Palestinian people. Peace in the Middle East can only be achieved through justice for the people of Palestine. The occupation, wall and assassinations are no solution.”  ✌

corbyn form2

On Foreign Policy :

”I argue for a different type of foreign policy based on political and not military solutions; on genuine internationalism that recognises that all human life is precious, no matter what nationality; and solidarity with the oppressed across the globe” –  Jeremy Corbyn


corbyn and chavez                                                 Corbyn with the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez


”Running Orders” : A poem by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

gaza dead2

They call us now.
Before they drop the bombs.
The phone rings
and someone who knows my first name
calls and says in perfect Arabic
“This is David.”
And in my stupor of sonic booms and glass shattering symphonies
still smashing around in my head
I think “Do I know any Davids in Gaza?”
They call us now to say
You have 58 seconds from the end of this message.
Your house is next.
They think of it as some kind of
war time courtesy.
It doesn’t matter that
there is nowhere to run to.
It means nothing that the borders are closed
and your papers are worthless
and mark you only for a life sentence
in this prison by the sea
and the alleyways are narrow
and there are more human lives
packed one against the other
more than any other place on earth
Just run.
We aren’t trying to kill you.
It doesn’t matter that
you can’t call us back to tell us
the people we claim to want aren’t in your house
that there’s no one here
except you and your children
who were cheering for Argentina
sharing the last loaf of bread for this week
counting candles left in case the power goes out.
It doesn’t matter that you have children.
You live in the wrong place
and now is your chance to run
to nowhere.
It doesn’t matter
that 58 seconds isn’t long enough
to find your wedding album
or your son’s favourite blanket
or your daughter’s almost completed college application
or your shoes
or to gather everyone in the house.
It doesn’t matter what you had planned.
It doesn’t matter who you are
Prove you’re human.
Prove you stand on two legs.

*     *       *      *     *

Lela  http://www.lenakhalaftuffaha.com/running-orders.html

לכסח את הדשא

Each time Israel embarks on a new round of wholesale slaughter in Gaza,  polls show that more than 90% of Israelis support the butchery.

A sociopathic individual can be arrested and imprisoned. A sociopathic nation poses a much bigger problem.


This is Benjamin ”Benny” Gantz, the current Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, and one of the architects of last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, during which over 1,500 Palestinian civilians, including an average of 15 children PER DAY were killed – the fourth such assault on Gaza in a decade.

Israeli military strategists call it ”לכסח את הדשא ” — ”mowing the lawn”.

Any comment of mine is superfluous. THIS is the Zionist agenda for Palestine, stripped of the phoney pretexts and mendacious media-manipulating spin.

gantz2 Gantz with Yoav Mordechai, a major-general who took part in the 2009 attack against Gaza.  Mordechai was invited to address the European Parliament last week, but following complaints by Palestine solidarity activists and some of the parliament’s own members, his scheduled appearance was cancelled at the last minute. (He did, however, meet representatives of the European Union’s 28 governments.) ” Six years ago, Mordechai helped to destroy Gaza. Without ever demonstrating the slightest remorse for that war crime, he is now part of an international team determining how somewhere he tried to destroy should be rebuilt”.  http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/david-cronin/how-war-criminal-can-veto-aid-gaza

zion OPERATION ‘PROTECTIVE EDGE’ : Day 9 :  17 /7/ 2014

The leaders of the Israeli ‘‘military’’ operation, including Benjamin Gantz (back) and Moshe Yaalon (left) with Benjamin Netanyahu,…..but who’s that guy  on the right …(surely not…)……?

Palestinian Fatalities July 21-24, 2014 palestinian fatalities

Why the declarations of ”Palestinian statehood” by some European countries are NOT a step forward


All who, with the best intentions, but naively, applaud the recent trend of Western governments ”recognising” Palestine as a state – ( but crucially guaranteeing Israel’s survival in its present form within the 1948 boundaries ) – should read the important article by Joseph Massad, professor of modern Arab politics and intellectual history at Columbia University, (link below).

He points out ”….the UK House of Commons, the Spanish, French, Portuguese and Irish parliaments have all recognized Israel’s eternal “right” to be a racist state via a much-touted recognition of an alleged Palestinian state within the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the areas of Palestine Israel occupied in 1967…..

There is no Palestinian state to recognize within the 1967, or any other, borders. These political moves are engineered to undo the death of the two-state solution, the illusion of which has guaranteed Israel’s survival as a Jewish racist state for decades. These parliamentary resolutions in fact aim to impose a de facto arrangement that prevents Israel’s collapse”

Those (often well-meaning) liberals and progressives, inside Israel and outside, who advocate a ”Two-State” solution fail to recognize an alternative, based on the idea of equality for all, on the separation of state from religion, and on an end to discrimination and racial apartheid ;- a One-State solution : LIBERATED PALESTINE !

‘Recognizing Palestine, BDS and the survival of Israel’ – Joseph Massad (Electronic Intifada)


Those in solidarity with the Palestinian cause should insist that BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is implemented as a strategy to bring about an end to Israel’s racism and colonialism in all its forms inside and outside the 1948 boundaries.

israel is a terrorist state

”As much land as possible, and as few Palestinians as possible”

israel murders      sport  
The Palestinians are not merely being subjected to extreme violence and traumatization. Their capacity to continue to live autonomously in historic Palestine is being systematically undermined.
The destruction of infrastructure, such as the  Operation Protective Edge  attack on the Gaza Strip’s only power plant, is just one indication of this truly genocidal project. Not only does the Israeli onslaught end the physical existence of Palestinian individuals, it also aims to obliterate the capacity of the Palestinians as a people to live independently in their homeland.

That is how we should understand Israel’s assaults on forty-six of Gaza’s fishing boats, and its attacks (on Day 16 of Protective Edge) on agricultural sites in the Northern Gaza Strip and Gaza City. That is how we should understand Israel rendering two-thirds of Gaza’s wheat mills inoperative, and the deprivation of 3,000 of Gaza’s herders of animal feed – to say nothing of the loss of animal life. That is the implication of Israel damaging more than 20 health facilities, including a direct strike on al-Aqsa hospital and the destruction of the el-Wafa rehabilitation hospital with strikes on multiple days. That is how we should understand the intensification of the long-running degradation of housing and deliberate destruction and dismemberment of Gaza’s economy, to add to the misery and disease which are the inevitable consequence of the intentional denial of access to the basic requirements of  civilized life : sewerage and clean water; shelter and electricity.

Ayelet Shaked

Israeli parliamentarian Ayelet Shaked, announced recently that she wanted to kill not only Palestinian children, whom she called “little snakes,” but also the Palestinian mothers who raise them. Shaked openly called for the genocidal murder of every Palestinian, but instead of being sent to the Hague, prosecuted, ejected from government, or even rebuked, she was lionized by Israeli society.
Ayelet Shaked  took office as Israel’s Justice Minister (sic) on 14 May 2015.

Any comment of mine is superfluous. THIS is the Zionist agenda for Palestine, stripped of the phoney pretexts and mendacious media-manipulating spin.


ISRAEL SPEAKS: “We Purposefully Attack Civilian Targets… Because They Deserve It”
“Thine own mouth condemneth thee, and not I  : Yea, thine own lips testify against thee” ~ Job 15:6

quote-Jonathan-Swift-i-never-wonder-to-see-men-wicked-53490all land is holy

6 September 2015
Israel is succeeding in its despicable mission to make Gaza uninhabitable. According to a recent UN report, more than 90 percent of the Gaza Strip’s water is now undrinkable. The rest is quickly running out. The population is being intentionally denied this most basic of needs.

Three Israeli military operations in the past six years, in addition to eight years of economic blockade, have ravaged the already debilitated infrastructure of Gaza, shattered its productive base, left no time for meaningful reconstruction or economic recovery, and impoverished the Palestinian population.

‘Operation Protective Edge’, the most recent military operation, compounded already dire socio-economic conditions. The UN calls it the ‘de-development’ of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, a process whereby development is not merely hindered but reversed.

 gaza 2015 CHILDREN OF GAZA : https://mpbondblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/gaza/

Collective Punishment : Operation ‘Protective Edge’, Day 20


Operation Protective Edge, Day 20 : So far…..over 1,000 unarmed Palestinian civilians, mostly children and women, have been butchered by the Israeli terrorist machine. And now  the orgy of killing is set to accelerate,  while the bought and paid-for Western ”leaders” look on, not helplessly, but as accomplices.

Only the ignorant or the racist can speak of disarming the Palestinian Resistance while the occupation, oppression, impoverishment, starvation, and now collective punishment and systematic traumatization of the population of Gaza continues..

It is the Aggressor, the Criminal, the Terrorist that must be disarmed and isolated :  ISRAEL.

*        *       *

Gaza-mournersgaza 17 july 2014

”Israeli parliamentarian Ayelet Shaked has announced that she wants to kill not only Palestinian children, whom she calls “little snakes,” but also the Palestinian mothers who raise them. Recently Shaked openly called for the genocidal murder of every Palestinian. Instead of being sent to the Hague, prosecuted, ejected from government, or even rebuked, she was lionized by Israeli society…….”

This is the Zionist agenda for Palestine, without the phoney pretexts and mendacious media-manipulating spin:


World War Three Arenas : Middle East and Ukraine

ukraine     gaza gas
July 2014 : Events in Palestine and Ukraine, in addition to furthering the rapacious military industrial/ Zionist cause, acted as a double smokescreen for events in Iraq. The agenda there is the dismemberment of the Iraqi State (aided by their stooges ISIS) , and possibly a new puppet Kurdistan State. Kurdistan has OIL, and its neighbour Turkey is a key player as events unfold. Turkey may be presented in the media as the ”peacemaker” in Palestine, disguising and perhaps making more acceptable to Western opinion a more sinister role in Iraq/Kurdistan. A Machiavellian agenda.

 NOW SHOWING !!! At a screen near you…..



Maybe a few disputable colours on this map plucked from Google Images…Malaysia ? …Saudi ?…. Nigeria ??)

THE SYRIAN AGENDA : https://mpbondblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/2/

Israel Support to Al Qaeda Rebels: New Free Syrian Army (FSA) Commander Trained in Israel


27 September 2014 : UK Parliament votes for air-strikes against ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq

”Mission Creep” is not only inevitable : It is the WHOLE POINT of the exercise !

“Every single empire in its official discourse has said that it is not like all the others, that its circumstances are special, that it has a mission to enlighten, civilize, bring order and democracy, and that it uses force only as a last resort. And, sadder still, there always is a chorus of willing intellectuals to say calming words about benign or altruistic empires, as if one shouldn’t trust the evidence of one’s eyes watching the destruction and the misery and death brought by the latest ‘civilizing’ mission .” ― Edward W. Said (‘Orientalism’)

IRAQ : ISIS and the barbarous ‘Caliphate’ are armed by their duplicitous masters as part of the plan to break the Middle East into ethnically and religiously divided vassal states more easily controlled and dominated by the IMF, NATO, Israel and the USA.

Syria’s secular, anti-NATO, anti-Zionist Assad regime is currently on the agenda for demonization, destabilization, and destruction…..


August 9 2014 : George Galloway and Abby Martin discuss ISIS Crisis & Gaza Massacre : ”A tragedy, a complete mess…”

August 11 2014 : US and Israel facilitate ISIL advance in Iraq:

 Whichever way you look at it it, and specifically in terms of funding, ISIS and the so-called Caliphate are products of the U.S. government’s duplicitous and decrepit foreign policy..
ISIS is extremely useful to the US/Zionist hegemonic agenda. Essentially they are doing Washington’s dirty work by weakening the secular, anti-imperialist Assad regime in Syria (the last bastion of stability in the region.)
While the news media was focussed on Ukraine and Russia, ISIS was making major headway in Syria, and these barbaric, deluded stooges and religious maniacs already control 35% of the country .Since ISIS is largely based inside Syria, the U.S.can present its customary manufactured ‘humanitarian’ pretext to move against Syria…. and when the U.S does.extend airstrikes into Assad’s backyard, US officials have already made it clear that both ISIS and the Syrian government will be targeted.

So, why would the U.S. help a Jihadist terrorist organization get established, only to attack them later?

Well, why did the CIA put Saddam Hussein in power in 1963, and.back him when he launched a war of aggression against Iran in 1980, (even though they knew that he was using chemical weapons?) Why did the U.S. fund and arm Islamic extremists in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union ?

There is a pattern here, the common thread being the brazen mendacity and unscrupulousness of US foreign policy .It is truly astonishing that their lies are sill believed by anybody.

PALESTINE : Very informative analysis by Fouad al-Ibrahim, July 25, 2014, of the strategy of the Arab States colluding with Israel  : Egypt, Saudi, UAE, Bahrain….(and Qatar’s ambivalent role).
The forces lined up against the Palestinian people are indeed formidable. Their ultimate liberation will be a victory for humanity itself, and humanity must do all that is necessary to achieve this end. The battle lines are being drawn…


gaza map




January 9 2014 : ”MOWING THE LAWN”….and Crushing the Flowers : https://www.oximity.com/article/Crushing-Flowers-A-Report-Documenting-1


UKRAINE : https://mpbondblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/02/the-destabilization-of-ukraine/

24 July 2014

UKRAINE : Meanwhile the puppet regime in Ukraine has dissolved parliament and banned opposition parties, all the better to sell their country down the river to the Bankers for asset-stripping and privatization – cutting old age pensions, halving public-sector wages, and brutally crushing citizens’ resistance in the east of the country.

26 July 2014

‘There would be no game of chess if the pawns refused to play’ : http://rt.com/news/175888-ukrainian-soldiers-border-russia/

Paul Craig Roberts (Interview)  :  Ukraine and Washington’s ‘ hegemonic agenda : ( PCR can’t help chuckling throughout at the absurdity of it all !) :


Author of ‘How America was Lost” : Recommended articles :


27 July 2014

”Washington now has in motion the wheels of war. Once the wheels of war begin to turn, momentum carries them forward. The foolish, indeed utterly stupid, governments and media in Europe seem unaware of Washington’s orchestration of their future or lack thereof, or they are indifferent to it. They are dooming themselves and all of humanity by their insouciance.’


10 August 2014

”As horrific as Washington’s recklessness toward the Middle East is, Washington’s recklessness toward Russia is many orders of magnitude greater. Washington has convinced nuclear armed Russia that Washington is planning a nuclear first strike.”


23 September 2014

Exposed: The REAL Reason MH17 Was Shot Down  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmQ_4pf9hV8

24 November 2014

”The Russian government made a bet that Europe would come to its senses and the conflict would be peacefully resolved. The Russian government has lost that bet and must immediately move to pre-empt a worsening crisis by uniting the separatists provinces with Russia or by reading the riot act to Europe.” – Paul Craig Roberts



9 January 2015 : Situation in Ukraine ‘nearing humanitarian catastrophe’



January 19 2015 : ”A lot of ordinary people in the world view politics as a dirty business and the behaviour of the Ukrainian government is an excellent example as to why people think along those lines…..a disgusting form of behaviour…” http://rt.com/op-edge/224083-ukraine-conflict-donbass-kiev/#.VL4xEekTcxc.facebook

February 18 2015 :

#EuroMaidan revolution: 2014 Ukrainian coup timeline


16 jUNE 2015 :

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia will defend itself against NATO which is increasing its military presence on “our borders.” 

“If someone puts some of our territories under threat, that means we will have to direct our armed forces and modern strike power at those territories, from where the threat emanates,”



Thus the insane, murderous, multi-stranded assault on humanity, compassion and decency by the increasingly Satanic Central Banking /Military-Industrial/US/ Zionist Axis of Evil continues unabated on all fronts. The world looks on, shakes its head….and switches channels.