The Left and Brexit : A Paradox

euThe populist government of Italy has proposed some very mild measures to help ordinary Italians struggling with a long economic recession. But even these have been blocked by the debt-obsessed financial fanatics of the European Central Bank and European Commission.…/thomas-fazi-the-italian-c…/…

A whole generation of Greeks has been similarly sacrificed at the altar of EU austerity and neoliberalism.…/greece-shrinking-the-st…/

The legitimate aspiration of Catalans for autonomy and independence has been ruthlessly thwarted by the same anti-democratic EU hegemony.…/…/01/catalonia-defiant/

And nothing is more certain than that if Britain somehow stayed attached to the EU under a future Corbyn-led government it would sooner or later face similar punitive measures from the European ‘troika’ , to crush any radical measures aimed at transforming society ”for the many not the few.”

Yet paradoxically much of the British ”left” still prefers to see the EU as a benign, progressive force worth being aligned with. This anomalous situation exists, it seems, simply because the most vociferous leaders of the Brexit campaign were despicable, anachronistic right-wing Tories. This is true, but bear in mind that even broken clocks are right twice a day.


Global Warming : How Times Change


”90% of scientists agreed” in the seventies, too ! 😂

But then the idea that Global Warming is man-made was promoted by Ronald Reagan in the US when  OPEC sent the oil-price through the roof, and by Margaret Thatcher in the UK, as a means of promoting nuclear power and reducing the impact of strike action by the National Union of Mineworkers in the (then state-owned) coal industry. Nuclear power was extremely controversial prior to that time, but the demonisation of fossil-fuels inevitably led to its greater acceptance.

The Global Warming hoax also serves as part and parcel of a calculated attack on third-world economic development, and is an integral component of the new imperialism, which is no less voracious than the N M Rothschild & Sons/Cecil Rhodes variety applied in the British Empire’s ‘Scramble for Africa’ in the 19th century – but is rather its adaptive refinement.

The West’s agenda of restricting the world’s poorest people to alternative energy sources is the most pernicious and morally repugnant aspect of the spurious Global Warming Scare.

As the African economist James Shikwati says in the film linked below ”renewable power is a luxurious experimentation that might work for rich countries but will never work for Africa: I don’t see how a solar panel is going to power a steel industry – rather a transistor radio. We are being told, ‘Don’t touch your resources. Don’t touch your oil. Don’t touch your coal.’ That is suicide.”

The Warming Scam also works on the political front. ‘Environmentalism’ provided ‘the powers that be’ -(to use Evelyn de Rothschild’s ineffable phrase) -with a useful safety-valve through which the dissatisfaction of well-meaning liberals could be released. It also provided the disaffected and disillusioned masses with a stick to beat Big Business with, in the vacuum left by the fall of Communism and subsequent emasculation of the mainstream Left – but at the same time diverted them from their real oppressors : the privately-owned Central Banks; ‘The Markets’; The Military-Industrial Axis of Evil.

Climate Change is nothing new and nothing unusual. For example, temperatures during the Medieval Warm Period, a time of great economic advance in Europe and elsewhere, were much higher than today — (ever wondered how Greenland got its name ?) – and a millennium earlier vineyards were commonplace in Roman Britain.

The evidence presented in the film is that climate change is primarily due to processes in the Sun which impact – via the ‘solar wind’ – on cloud-formation – and NOT human activity.

Water vapour, not carbon dioxide, is by far the most important ”greenhouse gas”, and  CO2, man-made or otherwise, is NOT the driving force behind climate change now, and never has been in the past.

We can probably all agree that pollution is not a particularly good idea, but on the other hand it really is alarmist nonsense to suggest that we are all going to drown under melting ice-caps or something if we continue to burn stuff.

‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ ~ full movie  (75 mins )

Global Warming and the New World Order :


Pirates of the Caribbean

”You could scour the bowels of US imperial crimes, from the Mexican-American War to the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, and you won’t find a more brazen, cynical act of gangsterism than that which is now underway against Venezuela.” ~ George Galloway

Before they drop the bombs, they drop the narrative of course, and the disinformation bombardment on Venezuela has been one of the longest bombing runs in history. Massive sums of US money have been spent on media distortion, subversion, sabotage, military coups, and threats of invasion, throughout the Chavez-Maduro era.

Act of gangsterism against Venezuela: Trump, Pence, Pompeo star in the Pirates of the Caribbean


Article by George Galloway :


Anyone still wondering why the US is meddling in Venezuela’s affairs ? 🤔

elliot abrams

Elliot Abrams, the prominent Zionist neocon and Reagan / Bush era US administration hawk, who was convicted for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal (and then pardoned by President George H.W. Bush), has just been appointed by the Trump administration to take charge of overseeing the “restoration of democracy” (sic) in Venezuela.

Abrams played a key role in supporting death squads in El Salvador and Guatemala in the 1980s, and in the ”dirty war” against the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua.

The appointment does not bode well for the people of Venezuela.

Benny Gantz : A Vote for Genocide

gantz.jpgBenny Gantz hopes to replace Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s prime minister in elections scheduled for April.

Gantz commanded the ‘Operation Protective Edge’ attack on Gaza in 2014, which according to an independent investigation commissioned by the UN Human Rights Council killed 2,251 Palestinians, including 1,462 civilians, 551 of them children.

In his election campaign videos Gantz, like Netanyahu, is accurately reflecting the desires and fantasies of an Israeli public which views the willingness to shed the blood of defenceless Palestinians caged in ghettos as the truest measure of leadership. Each time Israel embarks on a new round of wholesale slaughter in Gaza, polls show that more than 90% of Israelis support the butchery.

A sociopathic individual can be arrested and imprisoned. A sociopathic nation poses a much bigger problem.

swift 4


The Brexit Opportunity

corbyn feb

In an interview reported today in the Guardian (link below), Jeremy Corbyn makes this absolutely key statement:

”If you want to regenerate an economy, as we would want to do in government, then I don’t want to be told by somebody else that we can’t use state aid in order to be able to develop industry in this country.”

Quite !

The role of the state in transforming society ”for the many not the few” is severely transcribed and curtailed by existing EU regulations.

Nothing is more certain than that if Britain somehow stayed attached to the EU under a Corbyn-led government (perhaps with SNP support), it would sooner or later face similar punitive measures from the European ”troika‘‘ that Greece under Syriza suffered (and continues to suffer).

The EU remains essentially a neo-liberal / austerity economic project, and Labour, the largest political party in Europe, must now offer an alternative.

Perhaps the rest of Europe might even follow Britain’s lead. France, for one, looks ripe for a radical change of direction !

The Left Must Fight For A Real Brexit

Former Syriza MP  Costas Lapavitsas  on the left-wing case against the EU

”After the outbreak of the Eurozone crisis, in the first few years, there was all kind of talk across Europe about reform in a left-wing direction: favouring working people, no more austerity, pro-growth measures, income redistribution and more democracy. But we have seen the precise opposite. The EU has become more rigid and less democratic.

It is now up to the left to tell people that it is perfectly possible to leave without a deal and that we should not be scared of it

After we leave, we will recapture a lot of powers from the EU which can be used to transform our economy. With those powers, we should propose an economic programme that would rebalance the economy towards industry, away from the services sector and, in particular, the bloated financial-services sector. That should go alongside turning key resources into public property, like trains, energy and water, and investment in infrastructure. And we need to start redistributing wealth – Britain’s inequality is at ridiculous levels for an advanced country.

This is what the left should propose to the British people – much of which would be impossible to do in the EU.”

Full Interview :

Bad News for the 99%

The pursuit of economic – or more accurately capital – ”growth” at all costs has reached a critical point.

As William I. Robinson explains in his book ‘‘Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity’‘, the world financial system has now centralised and over-accumulated capital to such a point that investment opportunities have become limited.

Professor Robinson argues that only three mechanisms for investing excess capital remain : risky financial speculation, wars and war-preparation, and the privatisation of public institutions.

Not a pleasant outlook for the 99%, who are forced to bail out bad bets through austerity, pay for (and die in) endless wars, and suffer the consequences of the dismemberment of public services by complicit governments.