Keynes on Capitalism


John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) was the most influential economist of the 20th century, until the extreme neoliberalism espoused by Friedrich Hayek, Milton FrIedman and the so-called ‘Chicago School’ was adopted by the likes of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in the late 1970s – and morality was henceforth removed from the sacrosanct workings of ”the market”.

Keynes also said, with tragic foresight and little exaggeration : ”The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that still carries any reward.”


Trickle-Down ?

trickledown explained in detail

Trickle-down economics, explained in detail.

The Oxfam Davos Report, studiously ignored by mass media, shows that 62 individuals – (it was 388 in 2010) – now own more wealth than 50% of the world’s population combined. More shockingly it reports, from uncontested public sources, that the share of wealth of half of the world’s people has collapsed by over 40% in the last five years.

The assertion that ‘’the poor are being lifted out of poverty in ever greater numbers’’ is still repeated despite the hard evidence that, in fact, the poorer half of humanity has lost almost half of their wealth in just the last five years.

What does it mean for the “trickle-down” theory when, in truth, the trickle goes UP in hundreds of billions to the rich from the already poor and destitute ?

What can we say now of the endlessly proclaimed doctrine that the global market brings “more wealth for all” when, in fact, unimpeachable business evidence shows that the opposite is the reality on the ground and across the world ?…/how-the-rich-eat-the-poor-and-the…/

John McCain : American Fraud

john mccain

While fighting in Vietnam, John McCain was part of a military machine that engaged in some of the most heinous war crimes of the last century. As a pilot, McCain cravenly bombed a mostly undefended country of civilians.

When his plane was shot down, his life was saved by the very people he was trying to kill. Though McCain frequently claimed he was tortured,  on the contrary the Vietnamese cured him with extremely valuable medicines that at that time were not available to their own wounded.  

And it’s not just Vietnam. McCain was a warmonger through and through. He immediately and enthusiastically supported every subsequent US imperialist war – Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Yemen.

McCain also backed wars that haven’t even taken place yet, including North Korea and Iran.

A true ”American war hero” ? ~ Yes indeed. 

On a more personal level,  he was no hero. He deserted his first wife Carol when she was crippled by a car-crash and confined to a wheelchair, hitching up with indecent haste to a younger model.

He was also of course a fierce Zionist and defender of Israel’s crimes – but then such a trait is almost as American as apple pie.

Corbyn and Antisemitism : Crush or Tame


corbyn palestine3

According to a report in The Guardian, Jeremy Corbyn has effectively surrendered to pressure and the Labour Party is about to adopt – perhaps even before the party conference next month – the four additional “working examples of anti-semitism” drafted by the so-called ‘International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’ (IHRA), which severely curb the freedom to criticise Israel.

Jonathan Cook writes (full article linked below) : ”Corbyn has conceded too much ground on anti-semitism. As a lifelong anti-racism campaigner, the accusations of anti-semitism have clearly pained him. He has tried to placate rather than defy the smearers. He has tried to maintain unity with people who have no interest in finding common ground with him. And as he has lost all sense of how to respond in good faith to allegations made in bad faith, he has begun committing the cardinal sin of sounding and looking evasive – just as those who deployed the anti-semitism charge hoped. It was his honesty, plain-speaking and compassion that won him the leadership and the love of ordinary members. Unless he can regain the political and spiritual confidence that underpinned those qualities, he risks haemorrhaging support.”

His enemies, both in the British Establishment and inside the Labour Party, need Corbyn either crushed or tamed. The inexhaustible “anti-semitism crisis” offers a route to one solution or the other. That is where the manufactured “crisis” is leading Labour– precisely as it was designed to do.

Corbyn’s Labour Party is Being Made to Fail –By Design


Is Israel’s hidden hand behind the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn?

Israel’s ”targeted civil eliminations”

Exhaustively researched article by the award-winning British author and journalist Jonathan Cook, who is based in Nazareth. :

 ”Corbyn is up against an unholy, ad hoc alliance of right-wing MPs in both the Labour and Tory parties, the Israeli government and its lobbyists, the British security services, and the media.

They have settled on anti-Semitism as the best weapon to use against him because it is such a taboo issue. It’s like quicksand. The more he struggles against the claims, the more he gets sucked down into the mire.”

Don’t You Just Love Tory Britain ?

wagesTo be fair, these figures are pretty miserable almost everywhere, though they are particularly shocking for the UK, when you consider the inexorable growth in executive pay, financial-sector bonuses, and dividends.

bbc bullshit

That abject neo-liberal propaganda tool, the BBC, is loudly trumpeting the ‘statistic’ that UK unemployment is ”at its lowest since 1975.” …..But…..

(1) If you work just one hour a week you are classed as ’employed’

(2) Two million workers are on zero-hours contracts

(3) 4.7 million working people are (officially) in poverty

The ”encouraging unemployment figures” paraded for our admiration are so manipulated as to be farcical.

The truth is that Britain’s emasculated, part-time, low-rights, low-pay workforce is being systematically degraded into a disposable ‘service class’, to meet the requirements of a rapacious and increasingly hubristic super-rich global corporatist elite.


Humpty Dumpty


‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.’

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master – that’s all.’

#Freedom  #Democracy   ||  #Neofeudalism  #Kleptocracy 


Economic Theory and its Discontents

econ jr”Economic Theory” – as taught in academia and propounded in mainstream media – is nothing more than the smoke screen used to support and preserve a neoliberal status quo, which allows a few dozen people to own half of the world’s wealth, while billions live in poverty.

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Debunking Economics by Steve Keen

”If you look at mainstream economics there are three things you will not find in a mainstream economic model – Banks, Debt, and Money. How anybody can think they can analyze capital while leaving out Banks, Debt, and Money is a bit to me like an ornithologist trying to work out how a bird flies whilst ignoring that the bird has wings.”

killing the host 

Killing The Host  by Michael Hudson

”What is at work is an Orwellian strategy of rhetorical deception to represent finance and other rentier sectors as being part of the economy, not external to it. This is precisely the strategy that parasites in nature use to deceive their hosts that they are not free riders but part of the host’s own body, deserving careful protection.”


Postcapitalism : A Guide to Our Future  by Paul Mason.

“Neoliberalism’s guiding principle is not free markets, nor fiscal discipline, nor sound money, nor privatization and offshoring – not even globalization. All these things were byproducts or weapons of its main endeavour : to remove organized labour from the equation.”