Jerusalem : Trump Crosses the Red Line

israel ruleTrump’s reckless and provocative recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel surely constitutes the final nail in the coffin of the Middle East peace process, inexorably forcing the Palestinians down the path of physical resistance in the form of a Third Intifada as a consequence.
And who could possibly blame them ? For decades they have existed under the heel of occupation in the West Bank, where entirely illegal Jewish-only settlements have expanded and continue to spread; where hundreds of checkpoints are a daily reminder of their subjugation and degradation; and where the natural resources of the occupied land have been, and continue to be, expropriated.
Meanwhile Gaza continues to endure a siege which amounts to collective punishment, helplessly awaiting the next murderous assault on its poorly- defended and impoverished population.
Quite simply….
israel is a terrorist state

And the egregious ”recognition” is not just another Trump aberration. It has been approved overwhelmingly by Congress –  and  unanimously  by the US Senate.

And America blames  RUSSIA  for foreign interference in its politics !


Trump Crosses Red Line on Jerusalem

article by John Wight, Sputnik


A Priti Pickle


Priti Patel is an utter disgrace. She met 12 times with Israeli leaders, including Netanyahu, (not once with Palestinians), without telling Boris or Treeza, and freelanced UK-taxpayer funding to IDF’s illegal occupation of Golan.

Next Tory leader ? Certainly shows promise !  ( 33-1 ) 

Two of Ms Patel’s secret meetings were with Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Minister of Public Security, Strategic Affairs and Minister of Information.. He has no developmental brief. His ministerial brief is to suppress activism for Palestinian human rights in Israel and abroad. The purpose of Patel’s meetings with him and the full agenda need to be disclosed.

Labour and Anti-Semitism (~continued~)


The taboo against anti-semitism is being fraudulently and shamelessly exploited by four distinct, but overlapping groups, all of whom will lose out if Jeremy Corbyn’s progressive ambitions for the Labour Party are successful.

1) The Conservative Party, who are attacking Labour at what is seen as its weakest point, while directing attention away from the Tories’ internal tensions and unpopular policies;
2) The BBC and mainstream media, now largely controlled by Zionists;
3) Pro-Israel activists, who wish to unseat Corbyn, the most prominent critic of Israel, and to discredit Palestine Solidarity activism;
4) The Blairite Labour Right, which hopes to weaken a popular grass-roots movement which has, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, wrested control of the Party from them.

 Israel constantly uses the ‘anti-semitism’ slur to block any meaningful discussion about Palestine. The reason anti-semitism is used is that the Israelis know perfectly well that they have NO valid argument with which to otherwise defend their colonial apartheid state – unless you count the racist ranting of their ”God” 3000 years ago, that is .

Miko Peled tells a fringe meeting at the Labour Party conference that Israel will do everything it can to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM :


”Their Hunger Is Ours. Their Revolution Is Ours”


Ignored, needless to say, by the Zionised western media, today May Day is the 15th day of the “Dignity Hunger Strike”, during which Palestinian prisoners are refraining from taking food and only drinking water and salt.

”Their struggle is ours, their pain is ours, their hunger is ours, their thirst is ours and their revolution is ours.”

Over 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners are currently held captive in Israeli jails and detention centres. They include 500 ”administrative detainees,” 350 children, and 28 journalists, as well as thirteen Palestinian MPs and two former ministers. Most prisoners are systematically tortured. Israeli law legalizes torture, allowing Israeli intelligence services to use ”a moderate degree of physical pressure” – whatever that means. According to Amnesty International, Israeli interrogators have used over 80 methods of physical and psychological torture, including severe beating, shackling, depriving detainees of sleep, burning with cigarettes, removing nails, freezing or boiling baths, standing for long hours, and sexual harassment. The interrogators are legally protected from prosecution.

Karamah Strike: The Revolution of Empty Stomachs towards Achieving Freedom and Justice

A suspiciously large number of Palestinian prisoners suffer from incurable diseases or permanent disabilities as a result of imprisonment by the Israeli regime. The International Solidarity for Human Rights Institute recently indicated that the Israeli regime uses Palestinian prisoners to test their new drugs, contravening international medical and moral principles.

Syria : Follow The Money

levantAccording to International Law, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine (Gaza) all have rights to extract oil and gas from the Levant Basin, as each has a 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone offshore.

The US and Israel are of course aware of this, but that won’t stop them pursuing their joint intention to rob Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians of $ billions in oil and gas revenue.

Note :  Syria is the only Mediterranean state – now that Libya has been dismembered – which retains ownership of its major oil company – the Syrian Petroleum Company ( Arabic شركة النفط السورية  ) which has, so far, avoided privatization and is reserved exclusively for state-owned enterprises. Its oil reserves are estimated at 2,500 million barrels.

Hillary Clinton : A Verdict

hillary(edited extract from an article by Brandon Martinez,  ‘Non-Aligned Media’)

Before people get too upset about the defeat of Hillary Clinton, they should perhaps reflect on her record at the State Department – as a war-criiminal and corrupt enabler of the Zionist / Neocon ‘New World Order’ project.

Amongst other things…

…”She used her office to continuously aid and abet the genocide in the Congo, arming the Ugandan and Rwandan armies and the M23 militia now rampaging through the eastern Congo committing atrocities and mass-rape. She likewise consented to the demolishing of villages in both the Congo and South Sudan to make room for the mining operations of the same Canadian/Swedish company – the Lundin Group – that donated $100 million to the Clinton Foundation. She had UN Ambassador Susan Rice block and veto a UN report in 2010 that exposed the atrocities of those Clinton was arming.

She orchestrated, along with a cabal of other “humanitarian” liberal interventionists and Zionist/Neocons, the bombing and meddling in Libya which led to the arming of fanatic Wahhabist rebels and militias that have descended a once-prosperous country into civil war and plunder by vulturous bankers and multinationals; that led to the mass-slaughter of Bedouin and Berber tribes loyal to Gaddafi, to racist mass-murder of the indigenous Blacks of Fezzan and gangs hunting down Sub-Saharan African migrants. The war and economic vulture policies of her and others in Libya and elsewhere was a major contributing factor to unleashing the migrant crisis now enveloping Europe.

She ensured through her office in the State Department, that the Clinton Foundation’s embezzled millions that were supposed to go towards Haitian earthquake relief in 2010, were instead used to rig an election in Haiti for a corrupt local robber-baron and ensure her brother Tony Rodham was awarded a lucrative mining deal through which he can loot from already-impoverished Haiti of even more of its natural wealth while the Haitian masses continue to suffer.

She used her office at the State Department to ensure that her corporate friends at Boeing could sell F-15s to Saudi Arabia in December 2011, knowing these would immediately be used by the Saudis to bomb, strafe and murder thousands of Yemenis and to further wreck destruction of the natural, architectural and cultural treasures of Yemen. She likewise used her office to ensure there would be no UN censoring of the atrocities and human rights abuses committed by her friends the Saudi government, which funded the Clinton Foundation to the tune of millions.

She spearheaded a Honduran military coup that overthrew the democratically-elected Manuel Zelaya in 2009, and personally used her State Department via USAID to spend over $26 million on a propaganda campaign “Honduras Convive” meant to serve as nothing but a PR campaign to justify, hide and abet the atrocities of the new regime’s “security” forces against Hondurans, including indigenous activists, and which oversaw the huge spike in homicides.

She repeatedly used her State Department to aid, abet and justify Israeli bombings and crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza; she continuously acted like a faithful lapdog to AIPAC and Benjamin Netanyahu in subverting U.S. interests to those of Israel. (Not that Trump will be any different in that regard.)

She repeatedly championed domestic policies and trade policies that have harmed working-class communities of all races and inner-cities; meanwhile she was taking millions in stolen blood-money from her sugar-daddies at Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, the same criminal banks that wrecked the economy, looted from other economies and now profit from the Dakota Pipeline.

This is without mentioning her use of the State Department to arm and fund the rebel groups in Syria that have led to and exacerbated the death and destruction in that country; or her use of the State Department to meddle in and subvert the political process in the Ukraine (not that Putin’s Russia is innocent, either); or as U.S. Senator from New York her support for the Iraq war, with the smooth transition of murderous PNAC Neocons like Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan right into her State Department; or her infamous “super predator” racism and constant taking-for-granting of votes from Black and Latino communities, even while continuously pursuing the same racist economic and crime laws meant to target exactly those communities.

Those protesting and rioting right now because they are more concerned about Donald Trump’s words and rhetoric, but cannot find it amidst their crocodile tears and their myopic self-absorbed selective moral outrages to even have an iota of anger at Hillary Clinton’s track-record of actual murderous policies, are seriously indicative of some of what’s wrong with the state of modern America, and the bankruptcy of their own ideology whose outer rhetorical shell masks the inherent reality of their own paternalistic racism, “humanitarian” militarism and bourgeois trendy consumerism….”

Full Article :

”Your clothes are made in China. Your news is made in Israel.”

bbc zio

It is not only the BBC which has fallen under Zionist domination. The other three major British television networks ( ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 ) are also now similarly controlled.

Sky’s Rupert Murdoch belongs to, and has been honoured by, a number of leading Zionist organizations.

Hollywood and the ”music industry” have long been monopolised in the same way.

Every major Hollywood movie studio, – including Disney, Warner Brothers / Time Warner, Sony, Paramount, Viacom, and Universal, – is Zionist-owned and controlled.

Jewish hegemony in the music industry is universal and deeply entrenched.

CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, ESPN, Bloomberg, Associated Press, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times……… MTV, E! Entertainment, MCA, Google, Facebook ….. I could go on !

Media manipulation is far more efficient today than it was in Nazi Germany. We are now routinely fed lies and propaganda even by ”public service” broadcasters, who cynically exploit the misconception that they provide all the information that is required. Tragically, this mistaken assumption of integrity too often diverts people from even looking elsewhere for truth.

The Reithian injunction to ”inform, educate, and entertain” has been thoroughly betrayed.

Propaganda, wealth-worship, prurience and brain-rotting celebrity trash permeate both our TV schedules and print media.

We are now seen as effectively lobotomised sheep; slaves to be distracted, degraded, intellectually emasculated, neutralised and pacified.

6 April 2017 : An Orwellian reversal of reality.

The new video ad for BBC News :  Frankly, embarrassing