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israel is a terrorist state

At least 55 protesters (including six children) were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza on Monday, and more than 2,200 injured. All of them were unarmed, and the majority were well over a hundred yards from the border fence.

Amnesty reports that many injuries are to the head and chest – over 500 wounded with live ammunition.

The Palestinian Health Ministry reports that IDF snipers also directly targeted emergency services and journalists.

BBC 6 o’clock news on Monday devoted 50 seconds to Gaza, carefully avoiding the use of the word ”massacre”,  and 5 minutes to the Royal Wedding dress.

Since then, the BBC and other western media outlets have dutifully regurgitated Israeli propaganda. They write of “clashes” at the “border”.

They make it sound as if Palestinians had invaded Israel, and that Israel was merely defending itself from a siege. No mention of the wall, or the decade-long Israeli blockade which has created a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

And no mention either of International Law : because Israel is occupying Palestinian land illegally.

As the occupier and provocator, Israel does not have the right to ”self-defence’’  –  but the Palestinian people do have a right to armed resistance in response to illegal occupation.

None of this made it into the BBC’s reports.

Media manipulation is far more efficient today than it was in Nazi Germany. We are now routinely fed lies by ”public service” broadcasters, who exploit the misconception that they impartially provide all the information we need. Tragically, this assumption of integrity too often diverts people from even looking for the truth.

We are now seen as successfully lobotomised sheep – slaves to be distracted, intellectually emasculated, neutralised and pacified.


BBC : British Brainwashing Corporation


BBC : War is Peace. Ignorance is Strength.

In an interview with Emily Thornberry yesterday the BBC’s supposedly ”impartial” Justin Webb casually remarked ”We all know Iran is a hostile, aggressive nation” – this even though that country hasn’t waged an aggressive war in centuries. Yet on the same programme, nothing of the kind is said to Mark Regev about Israel, which has been illegally occupying and oppressing another people for decades. It’s also apparently quite acceptable – and unremarkable – that Israel, along with the US, the UK and France, bombs Syria in flagrant violation of international law.

While Iran is being routinely demonized at every opportunity, the brutal warmongering Saudi regime remains “our important ally”.

And of course, any criticism whatsoever of Israel is necessarily “anti-semitic”.


Quite frankly, the BBC is now beyond Orwellian….

bbc bullshit

BBC : British Brainwashing Corporation



Jerusalem : Trump Crosses the Red Line

israel ruleTrump’s reckless and provocative recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel surely constitutes the final nail in the coffin of the Middle East peace process, inexorably forcing the Palestinians down the path of physical resistance in the form of a Third Intifada as a consequence.
And who could possibly blame them ? For decades they have existed under the heel of occupation in the West Bank, where entirely illegal Jewish-only settlements have expanded and continue to spread; where hundreds of checkpoints are a daily reminder of their subjugation and degradation; and where the natural resources of the occupied land have been, and continue to be, expropriated.
Meanwhile Gaza continues to endure a siege which amounts to collective punishment, helplessly awaiting the next murderous assault on its poorly- defended and impoverished population.
Quite simply….
israel is a terrorist state

And the egregious ”recognition” is not just another Trump aberration. It has been approved overwhelmingly by Congress –  and  unanimously  by the US Senate.

And America blames  RUSSIA  for foreign interference in its politics !


Trump Crosses Red Line on Jerusalem

article by John Wight, Sputnik

A Priti Pickle


Priti Patel is an utter disgrace. She met 12 times with Israeli leaders, including Netanyahu, (not once with Palestinians), without telling Boris or Treeza, and freelanced UK-taxpayer funding to IDF’s illegal occupation of Golan.

Next Tory leader ? Certainly shows promise !  ( 33-1 ) 

Two of Ms Patel’s secret meetings were with Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Minister of Public Security, Strategic Affairs and Minister of Information.. He has no developmental brief. His ministerial brief is to suppress activism for Palestinian human rights in Israel and abroad. The purpose of Patel’s meetings with him and the full agenda need to be disclosed.

Labour and Anti-Semitism (~continued~)

~ updated April 4 2018corbyn_palestine

The taboo against anti-semitism is being fraudulently and shamelessly exploited by four distinct, but overlapping groups, all of whom will lose out if Jeremy Corbyn’s progressive ambitions for the Labour Party are successful.

1)  The Conservative Party, who are attacking Labour at what is seen as its weakest point, while directing attention away from the Tories’ internal tensions and unpopular policies;
2)  The BBC and mainstream media, now largely controlled by Zionists;
3)  Pro-Israel activists, who wish to unseat Corbyn, the most prominent critic of Israel, and to discredit Palestine Solidarity activism;
4)  The Blairite Labour Right, which hopes to weaken a popular grass-roots movement which has, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, wrested control of the Party from them.

Israel constantly uses the ‘anti-semitism’ slur to block any meaningful discussion about Palestine. The reason anti-semitism is used is that the Israelis know perfectly well that they have NO valid argument with which to otherwise defend their colonial apartheid state – unless you count the racist ranting of their ”God” 3000 years ago, that is…… 

Miko Peled tells a fringe meeting at the Labour Party conference that Israel will do everything it can to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM :


April 4 2018

President of the Tory-linked Board of Deputies Jonathan Arkush speaks during a protest against alleged anti-semitism in the Labour Party

Enough already with this zionist frenzy

Many of Labour’s Jews are uncomfortable that much of the noise around anti-Jewish racism has been engineered from within the murky right-wing world of British zionism. PETER KIRKER explains

If there are winners from the turmoil that has engulfed the Labour Party this last fortnight, it is not the Jews in whose name it was fomented.

They will gain little from Jeremy Corbyn clarifying his hasty defence of some offending wall art several years ago and they will gain nothing at all from the crucifixion of Christine Shawcroft, whose blunder was reckless but not in the slightest way anti-Jewish, as would be conceded by anyone taking the trouble to look at what she did.

Even among Corbyn’s fiercest critics, most are careful to make clear that neither he nor Shawcroft themselves nor the Labour Party institutionally is anti-Jewish.

The critics are driven by other worries — two in particular, Corbyn’s alarming progress towards mobilising the many against the few and his unswerving support for Palestinian rights.

Thus the real beneficiaries from the present engineered frenzy are the Conservative Party and Israel’s London embassy, neither of which can afford to see the Corbyn effect gathering more strength.

How they must have rejoiced last week to see a routed chicken-coup element of the Parliamentary Labour Party standing shoulder to shoulder with DUP leader Nigel Dodds, his sidekick Ian Paisley and even Tory Cabinet Minister Sajid Javid.

It’s an odd way of preparing Labour for next month’s local government elections, but that was never going to be a priority for the likes of Chuka Umunna, Ian Austin and Stephen Kinnock, to mention a few names at random. Some readers might have preferred to see others cited. There are plenty to choose from.

The rally that brought together this motley crew was organised jointly by the Jewish Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC), both of which have links with the Conservative Party.

The JLC in particular is also closely wedded to zionism. I am using the term as shorthand for Israel at any price, which is at least as reasonable as using “semite” to embrace even European Jews who are as Caucasian as me while excluding Arabs who are as semitic as Jesus.

With a little bit of help from the Israeli embassy, as revealed by an Al-Jazeera sting last year, broadcast in four episodes as The Lobby and still available to watch online, the zionist tendencies have established a solid bridgehead in the Labour Party through the affiliated Jewish Labour Movement (JLM).

Virtually unknown until Corbyn, a long-time campaigner for Palestinian rights, was elected to the Labour leadership, the JLM has sometimes played down the uncritically pro-Israel flavour of its ethos.

But its claim to decades-long affiliation to the Labour Party rests on it being just a rebranding of Poale Zion, whose name spoke for itself. British Poale Zion had in fact been defunct for several years when JLM emerged from its ashes.

Moreover, and in potential conflict with its status as a Labour affiliate, the movement is also affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation through which, according to the UN, Israel funds a significant element of its illegal settlements programme.

One common feature of the various factions discouraging criticism of Israel’s excesses is their chutzpah in claiming to speak for the Jewish community.

They know it’s a specious claim. Jews have no Pope. No-one speaks for them — not the Board of Deputies, not the Jewish Leadership Council, not even the World Jewish Congress. The Jewish community, like the rest of humankind, is as cohesive as a herd of cats.

And there is a common factor too that links the Jewish Leadership Council with the Jewish Labour Movement — Jeremy Newmark.
Newmark was CEO at the JLC until stepping down a couple of years ago, allegedly because of ill health.

That reason has been exposed by the Jewish Chronicle as a calculated deceit by then JLC chairman Mick Davis to draw a veil over misappropriation of “many thousands of pounds.” Davis, subsequently knighted, is now chief executive of the Conservative Party.

His cover-up no doubt eased the way for Newmark to stand in last year’s general election as the Labour candidate in Finchley and Golders Green, where he came within a whisker of winning.

And thanks again to Sir Mick’s discretion, no eyebrows were raised when Newmark took over as chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, whose director Ella Rose was imported straight from the Israeli embassy.

But it wasn’t to last and Newmark was required to step down again a few weeks ago.

Ostensibly this was in order that he could deal with the allegations around his earlier departure from the JLC.

The JLM, indeed, was insistent that its own accounts were under firm control.

But that was then. Thanks again to the Jewish Chronicle, we now know that the movement is no longer claiming to have had “full oversight of all our processes” but has launched an external review and referred “certain internal financial matters” to the police, with Newmark apparently mentioned in dispatches.

It sits uneasily with many of Labour’s Jews that so much of the present noise around anti-Jewish racism has been engineered and driven from within this murky world of British zionism.

They have spoken bravely against the stirrers, sometimes drawing loathing on themselves from their brethren Jews, so far as their voices are heard at all in the mainstream media.

There needs to be a place in the Labour Party for such Jews, and goys like me, who are vehemently opposed to antisemitism, whether within Labour or beyond, yet who reserve the right to speak out against the Israeli government for its disregarding of human rights and international law. Well happily there now is.

Jewish Voice for Labour is not yet affiliated to Labour, but – unlike the Jewish Labour Movement, which though affiliated is open to allcomers – it does restrict its membership to Labour Party members. JVL is not remotely anti-Israel, and indeed would chide me for making free with the term Zionist, even as qualified above.

But there is no protective taboo around legitimate criticism, and the recognition of Palestinian rights. JVL is in its infancy, and still relatively small, but it is growing. An ironic consequence of the present storm is that it will now grow much faster.

Peter Kirker is a member of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy executive who has also been a constituency Labour Party secretary in London and the Midlands.


”Their Hunger Is Ours. Their Revolution Is Ours”


Ignored, needless to say, by the Zionised western media, today May Day is the 15th day of the “Dignity Hunger Strike”, during which Palestinian prisoners are refraining from taking food and only drinking water and salt.

”Their struggle is ours, their pain is ours, their hunger is ours, their thirst is ours and their revolution is ours.”

Over 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners are currently held captive in Israeli jails and detention centres. They include 500 ”administrative detainees,” 350 children, and 28 journalists, as well as thirteen Palestinian MPs and two former ministers. Most prisoners are systematically tortured. Israeli law legalizes torture, allowing Israeli intelligence services to use ”a moderate degree of physical pressure” – whatever that means. According to Amnesty International, Israeli interrogators have used over 80 methods of physical and psychological torture, including severe beating, shackling, depriving detainees of sleep, burning with cigarettes, removing nails, freezing or boiling baths, standing for long hours, and sexual harassment. The interrogators are legally protected from prosecution.

Karamah Strike: The Revolution of Empty Stomachs towards Achieving Freedom and Justice

A suspiciously large number of Palestinian prisoners suffer from incurable diseases or permanent disabilities as a result of imprisonment by the Israeli regime. The International Solidarity for Human Rights Institute recently indicated that the Israeli regime uses Palestinian prisoners to test their new drugs, contravening international medical and moral principles.

Syria : Follow The Money

levantAccording to International Law, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine (Gaza) all have rights to extract oil and gas from the Levant Basin, as each has a 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone offshore.

The US and Israel are of course aware of this, but that won’t stop them pursuing their joint intention to rob Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians of $ billions in oil and gas revenue.

Note :  Syria is the only Mediterranean state – now that Libya has been dismembered – which retains ownership of its major oil company – the Syrian Petroleum Company ( Arabic شركة النفط السورية  ) which has, so far, avoided privatization and is reserved exclusively for state-owned enterprises. Its oil reserves are estimated at 2,500 million barrels.